Taxes, fees on council agenda
by TP staff
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Taxes and fees are on the agenda at this week’s Tracy City Council meeting.

As part of the session that begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 1, in the council chambers at City Hall, council members will be updated about options for raising more revenue. Those possibilities include a tax on landowners and an increase to the local sales tax.

The update is part of an effort that could see tax-raising measures put onto the November ballot for voter approval.

The city of Tracy faces a deficit originally projected to be about $8 million this year, and though the city has implemented a raft of cost-cutting measures over the past two years, it hasn’t been enough to close the budget gap.

The council will also revisit a controversial decision to charge $300 to Tracy residents who receive “advanced life-support” from Tracy firefighters. The EMS fee was designed to raise $455,000. The council could decide to rescind the fee, or begin the process necessary to begin charging the fee.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting:

• The council will be asked to approve the conceptual design of a “wayfinding system” — signs identifying local buildings, roads and points of interest — as part of Tracy’s continued self-marketing effort.

• Change zoning rules to make more site available for a possible community garden.

• Change the rental fee system for the Pinkie Phillips Aquatic Center at West High School.

• Approve $40,000 in Community Development Agency spending — which is not money from the general fund — to improve the entrance to Tracy Municipal Airport.

• Increase the cost of leasing ground space at the airport.

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June 02, 2010
Ok, it's now Wednesday an almost 10 AM. Whairs th story about what went on?
June 01, 2010
I agree on wages having to be looked at again to slim down budget. Folks making 100k in the central valley and living in this area is living large nowadays.Sorry city hall you need to be realistic with the wages. I'm sure right now there would be a line of highly skilled and qualified applicants. Sorry employees of the city but its better to have a job than none.
June 01, 2010
City Hall exists to support it self. “The proverbial self licking ice cream cone.” Trust me they are all about the money and power. They have created jobs for their friends. They have an “us and them” attitude towards the city residents and almost act like they are our parents, instead of our servants. They are greedy, money hungry and power struck. They are completely detached from their responsibilities. They should be addressing the crime in this city. I’ll pay more taxes when I make more money and this town gives me something for it.

Don’t forget to “buckle up.” The City police may have another roadblock at our expense. Too bad they couldn’t have taken all of those cops that worked the seatbelt checkpoint and put them on patrol where they would have done some good. How about the gang problem in this town? They are doing nothing about it.

June 01, 2010
City Hall is the biggest joke in Tracy - everyone know it. Raise taxes - but look at there grand beautiful office building, with the water fall running, and the nice cobblestone brick driveway. My oh my - what a wasteful expense that must be, just so the not-so-energetic city office workers can sit in a plush brand new building, eating their twinkies and drinking their jumbo size soft drinks. By the way - who gave the few city council members the right to decide if Tracy needs taxes or not, to pay for the wasteful expenses that City hall makes each day. How about city hall cut their employees, turn off the water fountain, lease out part of their big new building, and cut the plush health benefits bestowed upon all the employees - all stuff that you and I, the hard normal workers, pay for. We pay their salaries and benefits.
June 01, 2010
Maybe the council should discuss cutting the salaries of those who work for the city that make over $140,000 per year? That would certainly make an impact on the decision makers. Drop their salaries down to $140,000 and see what happens. I think you'll see who's in it for the money and who's in it because they care about our city.

Good luck trying to get any type of tax passed in this economy. Sales tax or property tax; the general opinion is the city needs to make more cuts before they ask for more money from the taxpayers because we don't have it either.
May 31, 2010
Does the city think that we are hoarding money from them? Why don’t they do what is responsible and quit doing favors for friends, like the mall/Macy’s and airport. They want to charge for emergency services but they are quick to spend to help business friends. Maybe they need to cut back on some of the fat the city has. I drive to the bay every day for work, so that I can afford to live in this town and all I get is car jacked, stabbed and intimidated by the gangs in this town. Crime is out of control. How about you charge gang bangers for the police services they use up. Maybe they could pay $350.00 for each time they get arrested.. Wait, there’s no money in that, because gang bangers don‘t work. That’s why cops in this town don’t arrest gang bangers, they write traffic tickets to commuters who are trying to work to pay taxes. They actually avoid taking people to jail, because that cost money.

But when my house gets broken into while I’m at work, by a gang banger who isn’t at work, do you think they are quick to respond? No. They down play it. My family is not safe in this town anymore. I have lived in this town for over 30 years. Maybe they should discuss that.
May 31, 2010
Hmmph. I have a few suggestions on reducing the budget deficit. 1) Dont spend 40k improving the entrance to the airport. The users of the airport should be paying for that one. 2) Drop the "wayfinding" system. Believe it or not most people are capable of using a map, the internet, and/or GPS. 3)Why is the disussion around "raising more revenue?" Why is it not about making due with less revenue?

That said, of the options mentioned for raising revenue I would be least offended by the sales tax. Since I can't afford to buy much of anything it will not affect me. Plus on the few occasions when I absolutely have to buy something I can always pick it up when I happen to be in another city with a lower sales tax.

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