Rainy week ahead for valley
by TP staff
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While there might not be enough moisture to ease the water worries of San Joaquin Valley farmers, Tracy is in for another week or so of heavier-than-average rains, gusty winds and intermittent sunshine.

Forecasters predict on-and-off rains in the week ahead for Tracy and the rest of Northern California, as a cold front moves eastward over the region. The chilly weather system will mean heavy showers in San Joaquin County punctuated by sunny lulls at least through Friday night and winds up to 40 mph mid-week, according to the National Weather Service.

Since Friday, Tracy has seen more than half an inch of rainfall, according to the Tracy Press rain gauge at 10th and A streets. That makes for 8.79 inches since the start of the rain season July 1 of last year, roughly an inch ahead of the seasonal average to date.

From fall through early summer, Tracy sees an average of about 11 inches of rainfall, according the weather service.

By Monday this week, the Sierra Nevada snowpack had reached 106 percent of the statewide average, per the national weather service. The Shasta Reservoir stood at 100 percent of its average for the season to date, and the San Luis Reservoir was at 80 percent of its average for this time of year, federal forecasters said.

Though rainfall this year is above-average,

it’s hardly enough for the state to catch up after a three-year drought, according to the California Farm Bureau, which is fighting for more generous water allocations from state and federal authorities in light of the so-far wetter-than-average season.
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