Unions, Leprino strike labor accord
by TP staff
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Leprino Foods has agreed to a new three-year contract with its 280 employees in the Teamsters union, the company announced Tuesday.

Union workers OK’d the deal in a vote Monday, said Leprino spokesman Joel Krein.

The Teamsters’ contract expired Dec. 31, and workers picketed the giant cheesemaker in January, complaining about a proposed insurance plan.

Krein said the insurance plan agreed to by workers changed little during the course of negotiations, but workers were offered a 6 percent increase in pay the first year and a 1.75 percent raise in years after that.

In late January, workers rejected an offer that stipulated Teamsters could pay for their insurance plan with pre-taxed income and that included a “safety net” for unexpected medical costs.

Krein chose not to disclose the terms of the agreement but said it was close to the offer workers rejected last month.

Leprino has nine cheesemaking plants in California, but only three have a unionized workforce. The company has owned its Tracy plant since 1977. It produces 300,000 pounds of cheese a day, employs 325 people and has a payroll of $16 million.

“It’s good to have labor peace,” Krein said.
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February 24, 2010
This is not true the real raise was 1.24% the other4.76% was money that is allready the ee's money I daon't understand how can leprino give a 6% increase in wages if the ee's allready have the money. Joel Krien is not telling the truth and yes I'm being nice about it

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