Monday ceremony to open new Tracy Transit Station
by TP staff
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The transit station appears ready for its Monday coming-out party. Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Officials will officially open Tracy’s new transit station Monday with a downtown ceremony and ribbon cutting, tours of the building and a reception.

The outdoor pomp will begin promptly at 3:30 p.m. Monday at the Tracy Transit Station at 50 E. Sixth St.

Mayor Brent Ives is scheduled to recognize local dignitaries, and architects and work crews, and officials from the San Joaquin County Governments will be on hand to say a few words as well.

A reception will follow a ribbon-cutting, and the public can tour the building, finger food will be served and music will entertain the crowd, said Kim Scarlata of Tracy’s parks department, which oversees the city’s buses.

The new station is expected to be a public transportation hub after it opens, where people can go to catch a bus. But the 9,521-square-foot building also has public meeting and conference rooms available to rent, and the place is bedecked with public art.

Money to pay for the $12.3 million station came from the state and federal government, the city, and sales taxes. The California Transportation Commission put in $7.3 million; $4.1 million was used from Measure K, the ongoing half-cent sales tax; Tracy put in $250,000, and other government money totaling about $650,000 was also used, said Ed Lovell, an analyst in the parks department.

The station has 220 parking spaces.

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WHAT: Tracy Transit Station grand opening

WHEN: 3:30 p.m. Monday

WHERE: Transit Center, 50 E. Sixth St.

INFO: 831-6200

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February 01, 2010
Good to see Tracy's San Joaquin Transit Station will open today!


The City of Tracy is excited to launch its strategy to address sustainability in the community! Through this project, the City aims to meet State sustainability targets, reduce the community's "carbon footprint," preserve renewable resources, decrease fossil fuel dependency, and adapt to economic and climate changes.

Reduce motor vehicle use and dependency, and decrease vehicle carbon emissions; increase transit use, walking and biking, and develop a circulation system that supports mobility choice

February 01, 2010
I was in Sunnyvale riding my bicycle on the day the walkway opened across 237 and was invited to be there for the grand opening. Got to ride through the ribbon. Great to see a GIANT leap forward for public transportation in Tracy, CA. Hope businesses will be there to share. This is a MILE MARKER! Keep up the good work!
February 01, 2010
Five people total? Whoo hoo!
February 01, 2010
Open for business.
January 30, 2010

A majority of the commutters wont be actually at the transit station on a daily or even weekly basis. The bus station is downtown but that doesnt mean that all the riders have to go downtown. They can if they want to. Sjrtd and Tracer go to the mall area (walmart area). Tracy also has several Sjrtd busses with maybe about fifty people or more every day on every bus and these county (or inter-regional) busses from Tracy, CA to Bart and the bay area. A large percent of the workforce drive their cars and don't know about public transportation. If given a ridership of 5000 per week that's only about less than five percent of the population because many of them take Sjrtd from the mall on a daily basis. Even if they purchase a monthly pass they still are paying for transportation service every day. Paratransit also serves Tracy, CA.

Route 151 - Stockton to Livermore 1

Route 152 - Stockton to Livermore 2

Route 153 - Manteca / Tracy to Livermore 1

Route 154 - Manteca to Livermore 2

Route 160 - Dublin / Pleasanton BART 1

Route 163 - Sacramento via Highway 99

Route 164 - Lockheed 2

Route 165 - Sacramento via Interstate 5

Route 166 - Lockheed 3

Route 167 - Ripon / Manteca to Livermore

Route 170 - San Jose

Route 171 - Dublin / Pleasanton BART 2

Route 172 - Lockheed 4

Route 173 - Northrop Grumman/Sunnyvale

Route 174 - Mountain View/Palo Alto

Route 175 - Santa Clara

Route 176 - Sacramento via Interstate 5 #2

January 29, 2010

If not the 80,000 showing up, maybe the 5,000 that are going to be using the transit station weekly.
January 29, 2010

I stand corrected. AMTRAK buses, not trains.
January 29, 2010
I think it will be good for fundraisers, Wine Stroll, and the downtown Taste of Tracy event where all the restaurants get together and showcase their cooking.
January 29, 2010
Concerned Parents That's kinda like what happens on Spare the Air day.

January 29, 2010
"A reception will follow a ribbon-cutting, and the public can tour the building, finger food will be served"

Wouldn't it be amusing if 80,000 people arrived for finger food?

: ) CP
January 29, 2010
Why would they? If the pot house sues it would be a private business matter not a city prosecutor. Tell it to Judge Judies private television court of law audience. People can watch the outcome, but it still doesn't set a precident for medicinal marijuana legal at the federal level.
January 29, 2010
Maybe the administrator at the Memory Care Home who operates a bus at the Assisted Care Home across from TUSD Administration building can be there?

Senior citizens will also benefit from the new Transit Hub.

Tracy's TRACER Paratransit bus serves 20,000 Tracy, CA citizens a year. If you live in the city of Tracy, CA check this out.

Tracer Paratransit

Seniors (age 60 and older) and ADA Certified passengers are able to use this service. Red Tickets are only for Seniors and ADA Certified Passengers. You must have a Tracer Paratransit Card, in order to ride Tracer Paratransit. Applications are located throughout the City. If you are a general public passenger and your trip begins or ends in an unincorporated area surrounding Tracy, you may ride Paratransit.

January 29, 2010
FTUD.... The number of passengers and growth rates data originates from their respective companies that operate busses in Tracy last year over the previous years. For Tracer that is MV Transit. SJRTD bus service. Amtrack bus service. Contra Costa has operates a bus to Mountain House. And Greyhound bus service in Tracy, CA.

MV Transit already operates eight busses in Tracy, CA. That doesn't include SJRTD busses, AMTRACK busses, Greyhound busses, and other future shuttles to the Tracy, CA ACE Train and San Joaquin Delta College in Mountain House, CA.

The downtown location is actually preferrable to the ACE Train platform because (although there are no immediate provisions) the State of California was and still is considering high speed rail through Tracy, CA.

However, in the unfortunate event that the High Speed Rail project ends up in the Pacheco Pass this would free up the opportunity for future discussion with an AMTRAK train or any other passenger train service downtown.
January 29, 2010
The article that gave ridership numbers for TRACER came from the city, not from an outside source, so naturally the numbers appeared elevated.

AMTRAK has not been given permission to rent track usage by Union Pacific as of yet.

If you read the press article for the high speed train you'd have read that there is no immediate provision for a stop in Tracy. Stockton to Sacramento, Modesto to Fresno, Bakersfield to L.A. and this initial schedule isn't going to take place for a while because construction is not scheduled to start for another four years. Who knows how long after that Tracy may be put in the picture.

You may be correct about an ACE shuttle bus from the transit station to the ACE station. Probably just another reason why the transit station should have been built there instead.

5,000 persons using the transit station per week? Who came up with this number, the city?

January 29, 2010
mark... You don't have to bet or guess. There was an article in June that gave ridership numbers for Tracer. 120k per year plus growth rate. In addition there is Sjrtd and Amtrack. Nearby MH also has bus service which could extend out here for the college.

I don't see why it's such a bad plan.

California is also considering high speed rail through Tracy. The ACE train already got 300k funding for an additional car.

And a future shuttle from ACE train in Tracy to the downtown transit hub is not such a bad idea.

5000 bus passengers is not a stretch or a bad plan for Tracy. Imagine the number of cars that will replace and I think the central transit station starts to make sense.

Reduces county and city pollution and gets 5000 people per week to work/school/shop/play.

Nope. Not such a bad idea.

January 29, 2010
Coronae, Where did you pull that 5000 per week number from? I bet they won't get 500 per week.

I am not a critic I am a realist. To much of a buiding and no real plan in my opinion.
January 28, 2010
With 8-10% growth average before the station the bus ridership projects to 5000 per week in Tracy.

The ACE Train boasts the majority of it's ridership are from Tracy, CA.

The new station will help riders more easily find their bus. A vast improvement over the old hub which was quite confusing.

Transportation is important to Tracy, which is located close to the Silicon Valley.

A boon to Tracy's workforce.

So lets see what wisdom the critics will offer....
January 28, 2010
Mighty expensive bus stop!!!
January 28, 2010
That is a great idea, bicycle map!!

When I moved to Tracy, there weren't any available bike maps. The map sure would have saved me lot of days from driving all over Tracy for a bike trail.

The second picture looks great, Glenn Moore!

January 28, 2010
I think it looks really nice. I also like that the city only paid 5%. And that there will be a central place to pick up brochures for trains and busses in Tracy. Maybe even transportation information such as bicycle maps.

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