Your Voice: Kick out the radical greenies
by Dorothy O’Connor, Tracy
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Before the “greenies” came along, with their self-important, dictatorial and insistent demands, people conserved, recycled and “made do.” We made do as a matter of fact, not as a matter of ideology.

No one disputes that doing what you can to preserve the beauty of your surroundings and nature’s bounty is a good thing. But somewhere along the line, common sense left the building.

People have suffered mightily in the past because of stringent regulations regarding conservation. Our state’s once-thriving fishing, mineral and forestry industries have faded away to almost nothing, leaving in their wake jobless people, broken families, hungry children, boarded-up buildings and once-nice little towns almost empty.

Now it is happening again to our farmers in the Central Valley, where the water has been turned off. And why would the water be turned off when agriculture is so very important to California?

The answer is beyond belief. To save a little silvery fish.

No matter that farmers will lose their crops, which could result in the loss of their farms and their livelihood. No matter that families will be broken and children go hungry. No matter that food will become scarce and prices will rise. No matter that the destruction will spread to packing houses, farm workers, farm suppliers, area restaurants and stores.

What kind of mind decides that a fish is more important than a farmer? What right do these people have to impose their idiotic ideas on people’s lives?

California, where my family has been since 1859, is going under because of people who have no idea what they are doing with all these rules, regulations, taxes and fees that have strangled our economy in the name of conservation.

I am sick of their interference. No more. Vote these people out of office.

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July 04, 2009
Suggestion, go after the company that strip mines the Appalachains, they could use you? Go after the corporation that won the Supreme Court approval to dump the waste into a beautiful, pristine Lake, better hurry!!! Even, go after the Supreme Court for granting that approval, might want to find out if the Gold Company bought any of them?

Just leave the hardworking Americans lifelihood alone!!

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