TUSD gets public input on spending
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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Tracy Unified School District leaders reached out to the community Tuesday for ideas about how the district should spend its money as part of the new state-mandated Local Control Funding Formula and Accountability Plan.

“It’s the most dramatic reform in school finance since the early 1970s,” Casey Goodall, TUSD’s assistant superintendent for business services, said. “It replaces the old way school districts are funded.”

According to Linda Boragno-Dopp, TUSD director of alternative programs, school districts must throw out their previous process using categorical funds and put everything into one money pot.

“We’re working to get people’s input on how to spend the money,” Boragno-Dopp said.

She said the district intends to tweak a funding template from the state to fit the Tracy community.

Each school district in the state must have public meetings to find ways to address eight state priority areas through its goals and actions, according to the California Department of Education.

The priorities are: making sure that all students have access to fully credentialed teachers, safe facilities and instructional materials that align with state standards; following Common Core State Standards; getting parents involved so the local community is engaged in the decision-making process; and supporting student engagement, including looking at whether children attend school or are chronically absent.

Boragno-Dopp, who said TUSD is already meeting those priorities with its seven strategic goals, thanked the 25 parents, educators, students and residents who attended the meeting Tuesday in the Tracy High School library.

“We’re thrilled to have all of you here — you’re vital to come up with a good, strong plan,” she said.

One of TUSD’s strengths identified by the group was its teaching staff. Participants also wanted to see more student counselors, tutoring and vocational programs, a districtwide all-day kindergarten class and ways for teachers to identify foster students to help with their particular needs.

Sheila Harrison, assistant superintendent of educational services, told the participants she was impressed with their ideas but warned there wasn’t enough money to provide everything on their wish list.

Those who could not attend Tuesday’s meeting can share their opinions during two upcoming public hearings at TUSD school board meetings — one Tuesday and another in May.

Harrison said the final word on the budget would come from the school board.

TUSD must submit its funding plan to the county office of education by July 1.

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May 15, 2014
how about firing linda dopp and saving the money she does not earn to use for kids instead? she is known to give away monies to friends who work for her......
April 06, 2014
How about if the library techs at all the schools are given their hours back like they were promised when prop. 30 passed! How many parents realize TUSD goes against ed code because libraries are closed part of the time their children are in school? This new common core wants students reading more non-fiction, where are they going to get that at?

April 04, 2014
How about eliminating Boarding meeting catering!!! I think it's a joke that the board members can't bring their own dinner or eat before the meeting. The taxpayers should have to pay almost $200 per meeting.
April 04, 2014
eliminating board*
April 04, 2014
If you want to eliminate costs of elected Board Members, start with their Health Insurance.

They get paid for each meeting they attend.

Most are employed elsewhere or, are retired.

Why do they receive "employee" benefits?

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