Tracy Talks: Animal shelter rumor control
by Anne Marie Fuller
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Have you heard the latest rumor circulating? One sure thing about living in a small town, rumors happen. I say nip it in the bud.

The latest rumor to pass by is regarding our new animal shelter, that the project has already broken ground. As much as I would like to do a happy dance here, this is simply not true. According to animal services, the project is still in the bid process and is still on target for Phase I to be completed by November.

The new animal shelter will be located at the southwest corner of Grantline Road and Paradise Road. It will almost triple in size from that of our current shelter.

Seeing a lack of physical activity with this capital improvement project, has led some local residents to doubt in the construction of a new animal shelter all together.

“I have to see it to believe it,” said local resident Arleen Robbins. “I’ve been waiting for a new animal shelter for 63 years. The city has done a lot of things that were unnecessary. They have built everything else to build Tracy, but not a new animal shelter. How uncompassionate it is to build all these new buildings and not a new animal shelter. It’s been a long time coming. We need this!”

Robbins has so much passion for this subject that she has publicly said she will give a $10,000 donation at the groundbreaking of the new animal shelter.

One doesn’t need to be an animal person to understand the desperate need our community has for a new animal shelter. Let’s look at this from a completely different angle. If a city cannot provide proper animal services for the population it serves, then this could pose a safety risk for the general public. If you were to have stray dogs running the streets, possibly being hit by cars and injured, this most definitely poses a threat to the community.

Our current animal shelter was built as a temporary facility, not meant to serve a population that is now more than 82,000 people. One could logically still see the need for a new animal shelter that would serve our growing community. In addition, roughly eight out of 10 cats that enter our local shelter system don’t come out alive. This is partly due to overpopulation, but you also need to factor in the close quarters these cats are housed in at the animal shelter and the swiftness with which illnesses can spread. There is also no space for a socialization area for cats, which can lead to lower adoption rates.

I am excited to see this project finally become a reality and will bring the community updates as they unfold. Meanwhile, as I always say, visit your local animal shelter today — you may just find a friend and save a life!

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March 09, 2014
“I have to see it to believe it,” said local resident Arleen Robbins. “I’ve been waiting for a new animal shelter for 63 years."

Well since th current facility ain't 63 years old that pretty much destroys th credibility of yer statement.

Almost stopped readin th story right thair.

As ta yer promise of makin a $10,000 donation when th project starts, hopefully ya have it an won't renig. That could actually lead ya inta a legal complaint bein lodged against ya. But th total common sense an good grace of th City will probably let ya slide if ya don't.

"One could logically still see the need for a new animal shelter that would serve our growing community."

One can see it but one must also ask is "is this where we want to spend our money to further improve our way of life?"

Ya point an accusatory finger at th city but fail ta understand that th city, essentially, is you. You elect em. You support em. You remove em from office. You raise th taxes an approve th fundin fer constructions. Get th picture. "I has seed da enemy an dai is us." (from the comic strip Pogo)


Thair ain't no permanent solution ta this problem unless thair's no life left on earth.

March 03, 2014
I was not a supporter but I hope they are successful and that the new shelter actually does what the proponents claims it will and solves the problem. We better not be hearing in another 20 years that they need a new shelter or that we have too many strays. When we implement a solution it should solve the issue permanently. Otherwise it is just another waste of money.
February 28, 2014
"One doesn’t need to be an animal person to understand the desperate need our community has for a new animal shelter."

Would someone explain to me why we execute millions of cats and dogs in this country every year? Also, be original--don't tell me we do this because there aren't enough animal shelters and we need more people to adopt animals, because this is the big lie.

Stop the propagation. Stop the dumping of dogs in backyards--many of them don't like it.

Maybe it is time to rethink the issue.

March 09, 2014
I totally agree. I have a pet an I take complete responsability fer his life, health, food, freedom from disease an how he socially interacts with other animals, an humans, who tend to act more like animals than humans but that's a different discussion.

As one with an agricultural history an animal husbandry at a veterinary level (ya sora learn how ta be a vet if ya work with large numbers of various livestock) I perform many of th veterinary services my animal requires but understand many do not have my level of expertise with such thangs.

Th answer as ta why we execute millions of animals across America simply comes ta this. Most people shouldn't be allowed ta possess an animal.

That's right, if ya can't take care of it an give that life all th nurture it deserves, ya shouldn't be allowed ta own it. Oh ya can visit a zoo or farm an look at one but until ya take th total responsibility for that life, birth to death, ya simply shouldn't be allowed ta own it.

Ya know, I feel th very same way about parents an thair kids. Thank how much better this world would be if everyone took total responsibility fer thair actions? Probably won't happen in our lifetime though, even though I thank it's a good idea.

Sad ta say, yars ago, I had th unfortunate task ta execute dogs an cats that heartless city dwellers dumped on th property. Heartless because th animals were left in an environment they couldn't survive in an left ta die a miserable death of starvation. Not havin th where-withal ta deal with th problem on such a massive scale I found that a well placed bullet was the most humane act I could offer. Still, it tore my heart out to have to kill these unfortunate animals.
February 28, 2014
I have been thinking about the new shelter and wondering how it is coming along. Thank you for the update. It's sad that a community of this size can find everything else to do with its money except build a decent animal shelter. We can build roundabouts that really aren't needed, we can put up statues that are nice to look at but really not needed and we can pay consultants to come up with a slogan asking us to think inside the triangle but we cannot accomodate the need for s real (not orignially built to be temporaty) animal shelter.
February 28, 2014
"Let’s look at this from a completely different angle. If a city cannot provide proper animal services for the population it serves, then this could pose a safety risk for the general public."

First, because you may look at an issue from a different angle doesn't mean you will view it differently.

Second, is the "proper" service you conceive always about increased pet ownership? If this is the case, then perhaps your perspective is skewed.

This is what I like to say about animals in our lives: "We decide which animals may live in luxury and which animals will die in squalor."

Do you suppose a cow may value its life as much as a dog?

Perhaps you ought to ask yourself why you have a pet? Perhaps you ought to ask yourself whether your charity toward one animal and your destructiveness toward another is an expression of your confused ethic.

Isn't a larger facility merely an acknowledgment of our failure to deal with this issue properly?

Half the people who own animals shouldn't have them. What do I base this on?

Stop looking in the mirror.

March 09, 2014
"Do you suppose a cow may value its life as much as a dog?"


From having slaughtered both from time to time, yes, I believe that a cow may value its life just as much as a dog. They both certainly don't express it in the same way but they both have a value for their lives none th less.

Incidentally, when I was conductin animal related agriculture none of my animals lived in squallier an all lived in th best conditions that best suited their health an wellbein. Th dogs slept inside an th cows lived outside, weather permittin, just as they have done fer thousands of years.

Yer why do ya own a pet question is a very valid one. Actually would extend it ta why do ya own an animal? Yes, animals fulfill a purpose but they should be treated as humanely as possible, it's what animal husbandry actually means. Wish more people comprehended that.

Yer larger facility question is straight on an I applaud ya fer correctly identifyin th source problem as "our" problem.

Th problem gets even bigger though. Why? Because fer many they place th value of animal life above that of humans, which is th 180 degree reverse of those who selfishly own animals but mistreat them or do not take th complete responsibility fer thair animals lives and wellbein. In short, it's a human problem an not a problem with th animals. Fix th problem with th humans an th problem with th animals will go away. No matter what size animal shelter ya create it ain't ever gonna be large enough ta fix th animal control problem. Instead of pourin money down an empty hole an makin a temporary fix, perhaps we should consider other methods an I am not talkin about forbiddin animals to be owned by humans or breeds bein exterminated out of existence because dumb, selfish and ignorant, of even stupid animals called humans can't take care of them responsibly.

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