Man killed in Highway 33 crash Thursday
by TP staff
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Fatal crash on Highway 33
California Highway Patrol officers examine the wreckage of a Honda Civic whose driver was killed in a crash Thursday afternoon on Highway 33 at Durham Ferry Road.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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A man driving a Honda Civic coupe was killed when his car collided with a Ford F-150 on Thursday afternoon at the intersection of Highway 33 and Durham Ferry Road in rural Tracy.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department coroner identified the driver of the Civic on Friday as Abelardo Panduro Gayton, 56, of Patterson.

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Robert Rickman said the accident occurred at 3:20 p.m. when the F-150, traveling 30 mph south on Highway 33, tried to turn left onto Durham Ferry Road. It struck the Civic, which was heading north on Highway 33 at about 55 mph.

Rickman said the two vehicles hit nearly head on, collapsing the front end of the car back to the front wheels.

When emergency crews arrived, both vehicles were in the northbound lane of Highway 33. Glass and debris covered the intersection.

Rickman said Gayton was wearing a seat belt but suffered blunt force trauma in the crash.

Paramedics and firefighters could be seen performing CPR on the victim on the side of the road.

Gayton was taken in an American Medical Response ambulance to San Joaquin County General Hospital in French Camp, where he was pronounced dead.

The driver of the F-150, a man from Tracy, was uninjured in the crash. A juvenile in the front passenger seat had an abrasion on his shoulder.

No roads were closed. CHP officers directed traffic in the southbound lane of Highway 33 while other officers measured the intersection to prepare a report on the crash.

Rickman said the driver of the truck was not arrested and no charges were filed against him.

The fatal crash was the second major crash at the intersection of Highway 33 and Durham Ferry Road in three weeks. A tractor trailer struck a sedan in the intersection and overturned the evening of Jan. 15.

Rickman said the intersection was not considered a problem roadway and the CHP doesn’t have a lot of crashes on that section of road.

Both crashes were the result of driver error, Rickman said, referring to the drivers of the pickup in Thursday’s crash and the sedan that pulled in front of the big-rig.

He urged drivers to look carefully for other cars before pulling into any intersection.

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February 01, 2014
There is no need for signs. What there IS a need for are people who can be patient and pull out when there are NO cars coming. Pretty simple.
February 04, 2014

Did you read the story at all? Both vehicles were traveling on hwy 33, one traveled into the path of the other while making a turn........ At no point does it say one pulled out into the path of the your credit though the writer didn't help when he urged drivers to look carefully before pulling out into an intersection, good advise but not really applicable to the article
January 31, 2014
I lived two houses from that corner for over 20 years and we had at least one fatal accident every year that I lived there. One weekend we had 4 people killed at one time. That is a bad corner. A flashing yellow light was suggested when the 4 people were killed. Cal Trans reply to that suggestion --- It's a major highway, we don't put lights on major highways. What a crock! They have lights and stop signs in Wesley, Patterson, Neuman, etc.... They just don't want to spend the money. Not enough fatalities to warrant the expense. They did put up a sign showing a cross street crossing the RxR tracks at the intersection. It is larger than normal but not enough for the deaths and accidents that happen there. More needs to be done and the comment by the CHP was wrong! So many accidents happen at that corner that my family instantly went into traffic control mode when we heard a loud bang. We'd grab the flares, stop/slow signs and safety vests and reroute traffic and help with the injured until help could arrive.
January 31, 2014
P/S My prayers are with the many families who have lost their loved ones at this intersection. We have lost many young, middle aged & old from our little community at that intersection. God be with you!!
January 31, 2014
Sgt. Rickman, I believe you have been in the Tracy/Vernalis area most of your life, & "The intersection is not considered a problem roadway & the CHP doesn't have a lot of crashes on that section of road" REALLY! How many fatalities have to occur before "that intersection" can be considered a problem??!!

A million??!!
January 31, 2014
Highway 33 has a lot of intersections. What would your solution be if this was a problem intersection?
January 31, 2014
There are a lot of things the state of ca can do here. For starters signs, even crosses. There are practically a myriad of options. I don't think it was wise to say it's not a problem area. Reducing the speed limit or giving more tickets would help. It's not the job of the CHP to make these decisions. They are better decided by a study and by legislature. There are a few problametic areas and YES this is one.

Just because people were up in arms about the roundabout is no reason to downplay safety.

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