It's OK to cry [Infographic]
by Brandpoint (ARA) Sponsored Content
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Ever wonder why your man won't shed a tear? You find yourself sniffling over a rom com, weeping at TV commercials or sobbing at your BFF's wedding. You ask yourself, 'What's wrong with me?' Well ladies, the real question we should be asking is 'What's wrong with him?' surveyed men across America in a national Harris Interactive Survey and constructed a helpful infographic chalk full of stats that answers this age-old question.

Deep down, every woman wants the ultimate reaction from her man when giving him a Valentine's Day card - for him to cry. This year, men everywhere need to know it's #OkayToCry. is challenging women across America to take a walk down memory lane and create the perfect Valentine's Day card for the true love of her life. The company is urging women to personalize this year's card with that photo that celebrates their relationship, using those lyrics from "their" song that will really tug at his heart strings or a snippet from a meaningful quote that conjures up old memories, reminding him of why he is so in love with her. Those man tears will start flowing. Start making your personalized card at and let him weep.
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