New Year’s Day plunge becoming a tradition
by Bob Brownne
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Polar run and plunge
Kyler Kasarda of Banta leaps into the water at the end of the 5K Polar Run and Dunk at Eagal Lakes on Wednesday, Jan. 1, as runners celebrated New Year’s Day at the San Joaquin River resort. Bob Brownne/Tracy Press
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Eagal Lakes drew a crowd of new and experienced runners for a 5K run to start the new year Wednesday, Jan. 1.

For 20 of the 85 runners — those who running the trails next to the San Joaquin River wasn't brisk or chilly enough — the race ended with a plunge into the resort’s water-ski lake. Eagal Lakes co-owner Karen Eagal told onlookers that the temperature was estimated to be in the low 50s.

Kyler Kasarda, 11, of Banta, ran his first timed 5K run Wednesday and was one of the first runners to jump into the water.

"It was awesome," he said.

2014 is the third year Eagal Lakes has hosted the Polar Run and Dunk, which is starting to become a New Year's Day tradition for participants, including Beth Dole, 49, of Tracy.

"I ran it last year but didn't do the dunk," she said.

This year, she jumped in the water at the end of the race, and it was as she expected.

"It was cold, biting cold," she said.

Dole said she runs a 5K race each month, including events such as a Brighter Christmas fundraiser last month at Eagal Lakes.

"It's a great way to start off the new year," she said.

Bethany Kennedy, 28, of Ripon, said she started entering 5K races two months ago, and when she asked around about runs to celebrate the new year, her sister-in-law gave her a list that included the Eagal Lakes event.

"I loved the idea of a plunge," Kennedy said, adding that while the water wasn't freezing, it was still a shock.

"The temperature wasn't bad, but I was out of breath because of so many hills," she said. "But it was refreshing. I would go back in."

The event included both a regular 5K race and the run and dunk, as well as a 1-mile children’s fun run around the resort's manmade water-ski lake.

Scott Teachout, 39, of Sacramento, took his children, Caitlin, 4, and Liam, 5, for the morning’s events. They ran the 1-mile fun run around the lake before Teachout and his brother, Matt Teachout, 44, of Livermore, participated in the 5K.

"It's my first 5K," Scott Teachout said. "We're just trying to start the year off with a little exercise."

Leading the kids run was Lucas Montero, 6, of Castro Valley. His mother, Ginelle Montero, said she and her husband, Leo, are both runners, and Leo's participation in the run and dunk last year inspired Lucas to run in this year's race.

"We heard there was a kids dash, so he started running," Ginelle said. "He's run a 5K before, and he's run a couple 1-mile runs. He's into it."

Polar Run and Dunk

Eagal Lakes, Jan. 1, 2014

Men's 5K run and dunk

13 and under — Kyler Kasarda, 25:32. Danny Harrison, 31:57.

14-18 — Joe Villarreal, 23:22. J.T. Amador, 24:21.

30-39 — Josh Harrison, 23:34. Brandon King, 28:19. Eric Harper, 36:35. Chad Nix, 39:45.

40-49 — Gino Mendoza, 23:05, men's overall winner. Jason Andreoli, 28:52.

Women's 5K run and dunk

19-29 — Bethany Kennedy, 31:11, women's overall winner. Kathry Villarreal, 37:53.

30-39 — Cori-Lyn Francis, 32:35. Tracy Doige, 34:17. Sabrina Cherry, 53:54. Michelle Barker, 53:56.

40-49 — Camie Allred, 34:31. Beth Dole, 41:04. Brenda Jones, 41:17. Monika Riedel, 41:22.

Men's 5K run

13 and under — Ryan Martinez, 38:11.

14-18 — Josh Harrison, 27:46. Joe Gudino, 27:53. Kyle Earle, 30:29.

19-29 — Jayson Schachner, 28:56. Jeremy Stricker, 43:35. Kenny Walker, 46:08.

30-39 — Guruch Prabhakara, 25:39. Scott Teachout, 1:10:30.

40-49 — Nathan Berry, 24:22, men's overall winner. Michael Oliveri, 28:05. Shawn Sandhu, 28:31.

50-59 — Rick Hamilton, 28:11.

60-69 — Louis Phillips, 25:04. Dana Anstey, 33:29.

70 and over — Dalip Sandhu, 40:10.

Women's 5K run

19-29 — Brianna Schmidt, 29:08. Shaunte Shorter, 41:34. Taschecka Hanible, 41:35.

30-39 — Emmalouise Brown, 23:46, women's overall winner. Kimberly Oliver, 26:58. Heather Smiddy, 32:40.

40-49 — Kim Tracey, 28:57. Sylvia Martinez, 38:41. Brenda Chappell, 46:06.

50-59 — Bonnie Delabarre, 30:45. Kathy Kruger, 39:02. Apryl Walker, 46:06.

60-69 — Linda Gleason, 41:02.

70 and over — Joan Keith, 53:11.

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