Tipton sentencing delayed more than a month
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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Frayba and William Tipton are arraigned on the insurance fraud and arson charge at a September 2009 court hearing.  Press file photo
Frayba and William Tipton are arraigned on the insurance fraud and arson charge at a September 2009 court hearing. Press file photo
STOCKTON — A Tracy couple guilty of embezzlement may need separate lawyers before facing trial on an impending arson case, according to their new attorney Vittoria Monica Bossi.

William Tipton was convicted of three counts of grand theft embezzlement and one count of perjury by a jury on Aug. 8. That same jury also convicted his wife Frayba Tipton of two counts of grant theft embezzlement and two counts of perjury.

The couple were in court Monday, Dec. 9, for sentencing. San Joaquin Superior Court Judge Lauren Thomasson continued the sentencing to Jan. 13, the eighth such continuance since their conviction in August.

Thomasson allowed the continuance after a request from Bossi, who said she has been working on the case for a little over a week and needs more time to review it.

Bossi took over the embezzlement case and the motion for a new trial shortly after the Tiptons fired their previous attorney, Russell Humphrey, Nov. 21.

The husband and wife were found guilty of keeping a 2004 Ford Mustang, a 2006 Ford F250 pickup and a 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra without paying the lending companies for the purchases.

Bossi told the judge that she is also handling the couple’s motion for a new trial on the embezzlement case. She also said she will need another attorney to represent William Tipton for a pending arson case.

The couple faces charges they set on fire their house at 27771 S. Fagin Road on July 5, 2008.

She said the house is owned by Frayba Tipton, and “William Tipton’s rights need to be protected” with a different attorney.

Bossi told Thomasson it would take four weeks to get the court reporter transcripts from the embezzlement trial and three weeks to set a new trial motion. She said the earliest she could address the case would be the first week in February.

Deputy District Attorney J.C. Weydert said a hearing on a new trial motion would be fine if it were held within the first two weeks of February. As for the arson case, he said he would not waive time.

“I want to go to trial within 60 days of the 10th,” he said, citing concerns that a second attorney would require an additional two months to bring them up to date on the case.

Bossi said the arson case has been ongoing for more than five years and she didn’t understand why Humphrey decided to go to trial on the embezzlement prior to the arson charges.

She told Thomasson that she was concerned how the case was handled by previous attorneys.

“I have to look at everything that’s gone on,” she said.

Thomasson set the hearing on the arson matter for 9 a.m. on Jan. 13 and a new trial motion for 9 a.m. on Feb. 10. If the new trial is denied, the judge said both parties would come back on Feb. 13 for a formal sentencing.

William and Frayba Tipton remain free on bail.

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December 10, 2013
My family and I have personally been affected by these two pieces of scum. Putting things off will not stop the inevitable. These two need to take responsibility for what they have done, they have gone on to live a life of privilege, Mrs. Tipton should never be allowed to work in the real estate field and Mr. Tipton knew he was not properly educated yet they continued to steal and lie and now are allowed to live life with no repercussions and in the process have proved that they have no souls.

The arson trial will soon happen, the Tipton's have known this for years, now they act as cowards and refuses to pay the piper, his rights mean nothing to me.

I pray the judge sees through their games and gives the proper punishment, enough is enough!!!
December 10, 2013
Is Frabia Abin Tipton still selling real estate?
December 11, 2013
TFW, I couldnt agree more. I hope the judge sees through their "superior" attitudes and throws the book at them. There are rules in this life evervone must follow. Im so sick of the "Special Rules for Special People" movement. These people are just like everyone else so how do they think they can just live their lives like nothing had ever happened. What goes around, comes around...
December 10, 2013
I remember when this house fire happened that about six firefighters nearly lost their lives when the roof collapsed just a few seconds after they vacated the area.

This is just another reminder that those who put their lives at risk for our safety is greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.

December 09, 2013
If you have enough money you can keep firing and hiring attorneys and stay out of jail
December 10, 2013
yes.. and every time they fire and hire new attorneys they are able to put off jail.... however, jail is where they need to be and will finally get there...

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