Tracy Talks: Bullying hits home
by Anne Marie Fuller
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With all the effort being made on the subject of anti-bully awareness, is it enough?

Last week, I sat down and talked with the mom, “Araceli,” and her fifth-grade son, “E.J.”

“Kids should not feel threatened at school,” Araceli said. “You take your kids to school thinking they are going to be safe. My son started being bullied in third grade; he is now in fifth grade..”

“Kids mostly teased me and called me names at first,” E.J. said. “One boy threatened to stab me in the eye. I ran away from him. I was faster than he was.”

The incidents started with kids mostly teasing him about his size and calling him names. The bullying continued and increased to physical contact and threats of bodily harm.

Araceli was first alerted to the problem when her son started missing school, saying he was feeling ill. She had heard from other kids at school about some of what was happening during recess.

Araceli said she had several meetings with teachers and the school principal, but the problems still continued, sometimes with a whole new group of kids.

This past week, E.J. started his homeschool studies, and according to him, “it’s awesome.”

Tracy Unified School District is actively trying to combat bullying within the local schools. School district officials will host several events, including an annual red carpet award assembly on Nov. 14 at Kimball High School, in an effort to focus on the problems children are facing today.

The message to get across is that Tracy is a no-bully zone and you’re not alone. Today’s column is dedicated to every E.J. out there and the struggles they have endured.

You have a voice, and we are listening.

•Anne Marie Fuller, a Tracy arts commissioner, Mrs. California Beauties of the Nation and National Mrs. BOTN, is also the host of “Helpful Hints with Anne Marie” on Channel 26 at 7 p.m. Fridays. Contact her at
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October 29, 2013
I, too, have a hard time waking up someone who goes to school. My normal morning speech goes something like this, "I know the kids don't like you and pick on you, but you have to go to're the teacher"
October 25, 2013
My heart is breaking as I read this story. For the lil boy who was bullied so much that he had to resort to home school. E.J. you are a true hero may all your dreams come true. I think the ones doing the bullying should be the ones home schooled , why allow them the privilege of attending school? My kids go to New Jerusalem and this would NEVER be allowed to continue. A zero bullying policy means DO NOT tolerate the bullying. What ever school he attended they need to get it together. Get a new principle teachers something!
October 27, 2013
I went through the same thing with my son being bullied I had meetings with the principal and with the district and it never stopped. I agree if the principal is not going to enforce the no bulling policy in his/her school I to think they should get rid of them. I would love to know what school this took place at to see if it was the same one my son went to. I would happy to file another complaint to help get rid of that principal.

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