Your Voice: Easier emergency access needed
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I attended Friday’s Tracy High football game, and about halfway through the second quarter, one of the Tracy players was injured. It was serious enough to call an ambulance. As they approached, I noticed that they went to the north end of Wayne Schneider Stadium.

The injured player was down on about the 40-yard line. The ambulance stopped at the extreme north end outside the gates, almost at the auto shop outside the stadium.

It took a long time to get the player on the gurney and wheel him to the ambulance, a good 80 yards away.

My point is, it appears there is no way for a vehicle (ambulance) to get directly to where the injured are down. This doesn’t appear to have been a problem Friday, but what if it would have been a respiratory or heart issue where time is of the essence.

The new stadium is great, but some provision should be made to allow emergency vehicles on the field, so that the injured can get immediately in the ambulance and get professional help. Let’s fix this before we put our kids at risk.

Richard Staas, Tracy
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