Tracy Talks: Patrons grade two-day festival
by Anne Marie Fuller
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It’s a wrap for the 27th annual Tracy Dry Bean Festival, which took place this past weekend downtown. If you had to give the festival a letter grade, what would it be?

In an online poll on the Tracy Talks Facebook page, the average letter grade given was C or D.

“Nothing was really there to draw the people in to want to go, and everything was really spread out,” Jennifer Burger stated in the online poll. “I was very disappointed in the festival today. Overall the grade I would give it, C- or D+.”

“I give it a D or a C,” LeAnn Tavares stated. “While it was a pretty good size, I found only ONE place to buy beans. Most of it was food or businesses, not many arts/crafts. I like more shopping options, and more beans next year.”

Those I talked with at the festival gave the event a little higher grade, averaging B or C.

“This is my first year attending the festival,” said new resident Franz Tibayan. “I noticed there are a lot of donation booths, as well as food and some shopping. I think I like the live music part the best and would grade the festival with the letter grade of B.”

One excited 5-year-old gave the festival an A as she jumped up and down while talking.

“I like the crafts the best!” exclaimed local resident Ashlan Brantley, age 5.

This year’s festival boasted a classic car show, kids’ carnival area, chili cook-off, bean pavilion, local entertainment, public safety and nonprofit booths and several commercial and food vendors. The Tracy Dry Bean Festival is organized by the local Chamber of Commerce.

The oddest news from the festival this year came on Saturday, when a tooth was found in a donation jar at the Alzheimer’s Association Walk booth. To date, the tooth has not been claimed.

• Anne Marie Fuller, a Tracy arts commissioner, is Mrs. California BOTN and National Mrs. Beauties of the Nation. She is also the television host of “Helpful Hints with Anne Marie” on Channel 26 at 7 p.m. Fridays. Contact her at

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September 13, 2013
C- and it is only this high because they have Lockeford sauage booth.

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