Tracy Learning Center students return for a new year
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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Tracy Learning Center begins school
Teacher Christina Adams teaches kindergartners Itzel Moreno (from left) and Hazel Zuniga and first-grader Xitlalyc Ceja about recycling after a snack break at Primary Charter School on Monday, Aug. 5, the first day of school. The school is part of the Tracy Learning Center on Beverly Place. Denise Ellen Rizzo/Tracy Press
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Kaylah Aguilar was excited to see her teachers and friends on her first day of class at Primary Charter School on Monday, Aug. 5, but it was the school’s outdoor amenities that she was really wanting to enjoy.

“I like the playground and the field, and I get to go on the monkey bars,” said the 5-year-old first-grader.

Kaylah is one of 1,200 students attending the K-12 charter schools on the Tracy Learning Center campus at 51 Beverly Place.

As one of the first schools in Tracy to kick off the school year on Monday, the day marked the return to reading, writing and arithmetic for the center’s three charters — Primary (K-4), Discovery School (5-8) and Millennium High School.

A few hours into the school day, the director of business technology and business development, Warren Snell, said the return to classes was going smoothly.

“The teachers love having the kids coming back and see how much they’ve grown and hear about their summer,” he said. “The biggest challenge is setting the tone for the rest of the year. Getting the kids excited about where they go and get to learn. Setting the journey is a big deal.”

After a month of empty and silent classrooms, the three charter schools were once again alive with activity.

Riquel Riveira, 16, is returning to Millennium High as a junior this year.

“I’m excited,” she said. “The teachers are really energetic. They take time to go over things until the whole class understands it. It was a short (summer) break, but I’m really excited about coming back.”

Sitting inside Sarah Beckner’s math classroom, fifth-grader Joii Ziller, 10, said she was “eager” to return to classes.

“I’m happy, because I get to see all my friends and I learn a lot more,” she said.

Christina Adams teaches a combined class of first-graders and kindergartners.

Adams shares a classroom of 60 students with three other teachers.

“I couldn’t even sleep last night, I was so excited,” she said.

Reflecting on seeing a few tearful eyes as children said goodbye to their parents in the morning, Snell said he wasn’t sure which group had a harder time.

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