Dog park contest voting deadline Friday
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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At last count, Mountain House was positioned to claim at least $25,000 in the Bark for Your Park nationwide contest to build a dog park.

According to the latest online tally on Friday, July 20, Mountain House was about 10,000 votes behind Texarkana, Texas, for the $100,000 grand prize.

But the community was still in first place in the small-town category, which could net it $25,000, according to Fiona Mayne, president of the Mountain House Dog Club.

The contest votes were hidden from public view on Friday, July 20.

However, Mayne said contest supporters want to stay excited and keep the votes coming until the contest officially ends Friday, July 26.

“We still haven’t shot down the $100,000 prize, because you never know,” she said. “We’re plugging away and trying to stay positive and not give up towards the end.”

Mountain House had a comfortable lead throughout the month of June until a recent surge by Texarkana put that city ahead. The contest is sponsored by Tennessee-based PetSafe.

Mayne said Mountain House supporters believe Texarkana pulled ahead with the support of a neighboring city — last year’s grand-prize winner, Texarkana, Ark.

“They (Texarkana, Texas) took first by 8,000 in a day,” she said. “It’s clear they are (supporting each other). They have experience — they’ve done this before.”

The goal in Mountain House, Mayne said, is to have supporters continue voting on the contest website until the end.

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