Your Voice: Advice needed
by Gena Ozuna, Tracy
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Does anyone have any ideas to curtail barbecue smoke from coming into your house? We have three neighbors who constantly barbecue. The smoke, soot and odor come into our home and we cannot have our windows open. To compound this, our father has breathing problems, and the smoke and soot hinder his health. We’ve asked these people to place their barbecue equipment in positions where perhaps the smoke wouldn’t come into our home — deaf ears and no action. They just don’t care.

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August 05, 2013
Can you say Large Industrial Fans?
September 07, 2013
Wow and you call yourself "fortheunderdog"? Doesn't sound like that to us!
October 01, 2013
Tracy not a small town anymore if you don't like it move . Its above you are you god and don't what people to provide for thee family , just wrong
July 27, 2013
You need to go buy a few smoke shifters and hand them out to your neighbors. They are not all that easy to find but most boy scout troops have one and might know where you can buy one.

Another idea is that you could just close your windows on those occasions when a neighbor is barbequing. Running the air conditioning would also filter out all of the soot and the other contaminants the typical house has in its air.

I don't mean to sound like a jerk but I am basically saying quit trying to make your problem a problem for all of your neighbors. That is not very neighborly. A bit of smoke or noise or kids balls coming over the fence or other such annoyances is just part of living shoulder to shoulder. Until we ban every potentially annoying behavior that is just the way things are. Of course if we ban everything that might annoy someone then many of the things that bring you joy will probably be banned as well.
September 07, 2013
What I don't see here is a little compassion! This person was asking that their neighbor's move their BBQ in a position whereby smoke and sut would not go into their home. Doesn't sound like a heck of a lot to request. I could see if they were wanting to ban BBQ's then I would say close your windows. Hey, maybe they don't have A/C who's to know. They just want a little cooperation to prevent further complication with their ailing father. DOESN'T SEEM LIKE A LOT TO ASK. They aren't asking to ban noise, kids or anything else. Whatever.

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