Your Voice: A costlier cup of tea
by L.A. Hanlon, French Camp
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Wow! Tracy residents, did you know that when you purchase something to eat or drink at the McDonald’s at Walmart in Tracy, the price is higher?

I was there recently and purchased a large iced tea. At any other McDonald’s I have been to, the price is $1.09. But at the Tracy Walmart McDonald’s, the price was $1.40. That is 31 cents higher!

When I asked why, the cashier told me they have to share the profit with Walmart. Can you believe that?

I guess I won’t be buying food or drink at the McDonald’s in the Tracy Walmart again. It’s not like it is the only McDonald’s in town — right?

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July 26, 2013
"When I asked why, the cashier told me they have to share the profit with Walmart. Can you believe that?"

Yes I can, that's capitalism at work. If you owned a business and some other business or person asks you if they can set up something as small as a vending machine or as large as a fast food restaurant within your business wouldn't you want something in return like a piece of the action?

Also, convenience is worth something. Is it worth 31 cents to purchase an iced tea where you already are as opposed to driving somewhere else to buy one, which oh by the way, sucks up gas?
July 26, 2013
Your context is distorted, but this deconstruction is expected.

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