Your Voice: Unleashed dogs present danger
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I was disappointed that when I called 911 on Sunday, July 7, to report that three dogs, two of them large, were allowed by their owners to run free at Clyde Bland Park, I was given the brush-off by the dispatcher.

I was asked, "What are the dogs doing?"

I replied, "They are not on leashes. That is against the law." (It's in Tracy's municipal code.)

The dispatcher asked again, a little more exasperated, "But what are they doing?"

I tried, unsuccessfully, to explain that this situation could be disastrous. I say this as someone who, some years ago, could only watch as an enormous Rottweiler, off leash, attacked my German shepherd. Sure, it turned out OK — about $1,000 in veterinary bills later.

I have to wonder what bank robbery or terrorist attack the police were occupied with at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning so that my call for assistance was judged to be too trivial to be taken seriously. I also have to wonder what training, if any, is given to our police department regarding the destructive behavior of certain dumb animals. By that, I am referring not to dogs, but to their thoughtless owners who let them run free in public places. The disgusting dog poop issue aside, I mean the risk to the humans and on-leash dogs trying to make legal use of public areas.

I held my tongue while speaking to the dispatcher, but wanted to say, "I'm sorry to bother you. Shall I call you back after there's blood flying all over the place?"

The owners who let their large dogs run off leash were breaking the law and causing a dangerous situation. That, in itself, as far as I'm concerned, was valid enough reason for assistance.

Carl H. Dellanno, Tracy
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