Your Voice: Revenge, handouts motivate Democrats’ base
by Tim Michael Case, Tracy
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“Vote for revenge” were the last three words uttered by Barack Obama on election eve 2012. Never in our history have three words more perfectly described a United States presidency.

In 2008, Obama told Joe the plumber he would “spread the wealth around.” Revenge and spreading the wealth is very appealing to the uneducated and ignorant masses.

Starting with President Lyndon Johnson, Democrats have continued to brainwash the lower class with the idea they are in no way responsible for their plight.

Over the past 50 years and $16 trillion later, Democrats have proved they are very good at keeping the poor on the Democrat plantation of dependency and the $16 trillion has quadrupled their voting base with more dependency on government. To Democrats, this is a success, because they need government dependent people to stay in power.

Add to this the media, which has become nothing more than Democrats reading Democrat talking points. Bias Democrats, posing as reporters, read White House or Democrat talking points while pretending it’s the news.

As proof, the major networks, including cable’s CNN and MSNBC, have totally ignored Obama’s incompetence in the handling of Benghazi, where four Americans were murdered by Muslim terrorists.

As commander-in-chief, Obama is directly responsible for their deaths and for the cover up that followed. The Democrat readers in media continue to change the subject to keep Benghazi out of the news.

Our Constitutional free press is an obviously slanted press run by Democrats who censor the real news to protect the Democrat of their choice. Thank God for the alternative media.

To conclude, no matter what happens with Obama’s seven scandals, Obama will remain president. He will never be removed from office.

One reason is the millions of young people who voted for Obama simply because voting for the “black dude” was the cool thing to do. Add to this the millions who voted for the pop culture icon, Obama, who appeared on the “Pimp with a Limp” radio show and then appeared on the late-night shows singing with a gangster rapper. Add to this the millions of Americans who want their revenge.

These low-information voters will be screaming “racism” if Obama is messed with. And don’t forget the millions of voters who love all the free stuff.
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