Wolf Pack celebrates moment
by Joel Danoy
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West High seniors graduate
West High School Principal Troy Brown leads the Class of 2013 into Steve Lopez Stadium to start the graduation ceremony Saturday, June1.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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As a member of the West High band, Rachel Vindiola knows the graduation routine, having performed during ceremonies the previous three years.

On Saturday, June 1, the four-year band member and graduating senior finally saw things from a different perspective.

Vindiola, a flute player, was one of 456 graduates to receive diplomas at Steve Lopez Stadium on the school campus.

“It’s so exciting to do it myself, because you watch all the alumni graduate and it gets kind of sad, but it’s exciting at the same time,” said the 17-year-old. “I’m nervous, I’m so nervous because I don’t want to trip or anything, but really I’m excited for the future.”

For Petey Furtado, graduation was a moment he almost didn’t get to experience.

The 17-year-old is scheduled to ship out for Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego on July 29, but his last week of school was “crunch time in a serious way.”

In that week, the future infantryman made up five credits in three days and brought up three Fs.

“It’s surreal, and I have never felt a better feeling than this one because of everything I went through,” he said. “I have so many good memories of this school. I have absolutely loved every minute of it. I mean, my friends were doing anything they could to help me be here. I’m just so lucky.”

Veronica Carrillo, associated student body president, encouraged fellow seniors during her speech to embrace their dreams and have fun.

“We need to enjoy our youth; we need to appreciate our innocence and be carefree, spontaneous and vibrant,” she said. “Now is the time to take advantage of this time and prove anyone wrong who has ever said, ‘Youth is wasted on the young.’”

Principal Troy Brown, an avid whitewater rafter, compared life to a river. Like the level of a river, life changes every day, he said, and one must learn to navigate around the rocks when the water is low.

“There may be challenges in the middle of your life, you may get stuck on a rock,” he said. “Hopefully, you will keep paddling, do your best and keep moving. … When you meet that challenge, take these opportunities to demonstrate that you have become a leader.”

Following his speech, Brown presented Ashley Tornio with the first Pack Pride Award, which is given to the student who exemplifies all the qualities of an ideal student.

Brown said he met Tornio during her junior year and described her as “a role model to younger students” who “has had a positive impact on me and many others.”

Tornio receives a complimentary class ring from Jostens.

Valedictorian Shaman Bhullar and salutatorian Kory Lupica also gave speeches during the ceremony.

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West High School Class of 2013

Aboud, Eric Evan

Abraham, Zia A.

Abril, Jared Michael

Akramy, Belal Ahmad

Alailefaleula, Marley Fotu Lika

Alcala, Azero J.

Alcala, Monica Danielle

Alcazar, Crystal Evelyn

Aldana Hernadez, Abimael

Aldana, Abraham

Ali, Roeena

Allegretti, Amanda Brittany

Alonso, Carlos Alberto

Alvarez, Angel

Alvarez Mora, Manuel Angel

Ambriz, Jessica

Amezcua, Jessica

Andrada, Nerice Coleen Andres

Andrade, Joel Fernando

Apelo, Jio-Anton V.

Aranzamendez, Ramon Tizon

Arata, Ashley Marie

Archuleta-Sanchez, Veronica Clarissa (TLAC, $500)

Argueta, Ivette Alexandra

Armstrong, Violet Nicole

Ashley, Imani Jeane

Atiq, Fasih

Aulakh, Sehijbir S.

Aurandt, Shareena Elizabeth (CSEA, $1,000)

Aviles, Presley Corinne

Ayala, Caleb

Bakhtari, Zackie

Banh, Nathan Phuong Tri

Baratta, Daniel Jacob

Barbosa, Angela

Barriga, Celina Karina Mendoza

Bartolome, Natasha-Rae

Basulto, Christian

Batres, Renato Jr.

Bayer, Angela Leeann

Bell, Emma TouSain

Benns, Andrew Terrance

Bento, Casey Gregory

Benton, Megan Elizabeth

Bercasio, Austin Gaile Lopez

Bettencourt, Allison Lory (Tracy Rotary Club, $750)

Betz, Cierra Monique

Bhullar, Shaman Singh (United States Air Force Math & Science Award)

Black, Marlanea

Blair, Austin M.

Bondo, Joelise Kwamboka

Booth, Brian Anthony

Bote, Dana Ericka P.

Bradford, Bobby Ray

Bravo, Omar Morales

Bravo, Rogelio

Brooks, Jasmine Nicole

Brown, Breanna Rosha

Brown, Delesha Tranae

Brown, Marc Patrick Jr.

Brown, Samuel L. (United States Navy)

Bucheit, Amy Lynne

Cadion, Alexander Alonzo

Cajilog, Clarissa Mae Sale

Caluza, Angelica Mae Poscablo

Campos-Juarez, Jordan Milan

Cano, Alyssa S.S.

Capella, David Joseph

Cardenas, Abraham

Cardenas, Rogelio

Cardinale, Lindsey Anne

Carpenter, Wyatt Evan

Carrillo, Veronica Carrasco

Carrisosa, Celena (Portland State University women’s softball, tuition and housing costs)

Castellanos Ibarra, Tommy Eleno

Castro, Amanda Lynette

Ceja, Raul

Chartier, Emily Rose

Chauhan, Rajan M.

Chaverri, Eric Anthony (Lynn Patteson Memorial, $500)

Chavez Negrete, Daisy

Chen, Gorman

Clemente Rigoberto, Miranda

Coatney, Zachary Allen

Coffelt, Tom H.

Cornell, Brett Cameron Matthew

Costa, Christopher Edgar

Costa, Ileyah A.

Costa, Miguel Francis Marchetti

Cruz Bonilla, Mahely A. (Tracy Hispanic Business Group, $500)

Cruz, Melanie Rose

Cuadra, Katherine

Cueva, Edgar

Cunningham, Felisha Marie

Currey, Marcus Anthony

Dacasin, Marcelo Virgil

Dadgar, Norman

Daily, Madison Mary

Dalit, Flex-Maxim Directo

Daniel, Madison Katelyn

Davis, Harmony Victoria

De La Cruz, Jesse Jacinto

De Leon Guerra, Rodrigo

De Lora, Joshua Matthew

DeDora, Melissa Catherine

Deol, Gurveer Singh

Deperalta, Jenny Zamora

DePeralta, John Gonzales

Dhanju, Simranjit Singh

Dhillon, Navdeep K.

Diaz, Gibran J.

Diaz, Jacqueline

Diaz, Jessica Victoria (Manteca Sunrise Kiwanis, $1,000; Tracy Rotary Club, $750)

Diaz-Ordonez, Mary Azucena

Dillman, Victoria Marie

Dunniway, Matthew Alexander

Duong, Jasmine Wita

Duran, Diann C.

Durate, Hennelyn Ruth Aguilar

Eclevia, Analyssa Dorthea

Eddington, Katie Lynn

El-Essawi, Amani H.

Ella, Vanessa Barcarse

Elola, Angel Christopher David

Erlandson, Daniel Christopher

Ervin, Ciara Jelani (East Carolina University Women’s Softball, tuition and housing costs)

Espartero, Kimberly D.

Esparza, Lino Eduardo

Espinosa, Amanda Kristin

Espinoza, Jennifer M.

Estrada-Esquivel, Maritza, Verenize

Etimadi, Shafiq

Figueroa, Manuel O.

Flores, Kevin

Francis-Salles, Aaron Lee

Francisco, Romeo Raphael Pangilinan

Freeman-Houston, Victoria Lynn

Frisbie, Shawn Adam

Fryar, Ben G.

Furtado, Pedro M.

Galindo, Brieanna A.

Galindo, Emily Shantel-Lynn

Gandall, Nicholas Pomaikai

Garcia, Adam John

Garcia De Lara, Christina Anais (VFW, $500; Wanda Sillivan Community Service, $1,000)

Garcia, Denise

Garcia, Juan P.

Garcia, Martin Andres

Garcia, Usbaldo

Garza, Arturo

Gatchell, Tammy D.

Ghorbandi, Kalimullah

Gibbard, Maxwell B. (Edward Teller Science, $1,000)

Gnong, Monalisa

Godinez, Ivan R.

Goldberg, Daniel Lee

Gomez, Maricarmen

Gomez-Espinoza, Karla Raquel

Gomez-Tellez, Estefani Berenese

Gonzalez, Alexis D.

Gonzalez, Bryana Pilar-Liza

Gonzalez, Carlos

Gonzalez, Cristina J.

Gonzalez, Joceylin

Gonzalez, Roxana

Goraya, Jasmine D.

Grady, Megan Ann

Graham, Abraham Benjamin Simon

Graves, Cody Richard (TLAC, $500; Tracy Rotary Club, $750; Tracy Schools Management Association, $500; University of the Pacific President’s Scholars, $6,500 per year)

Guillen, Eric

Gutiérrez, Marina Mendez

Gutierrez Vazquez, Stephanie Daniella

Guzman Islas, Christian De Jesus

Hamidi, Rahib Noor

Haro, Jose Demetrio

Harris, Thea Nicole

Harvey, Cheyenne B.

Helleckson, Jordan A.

Hernandez, Marcus Joseph

Hernandez, Michael

Hernandez, Shemaia Mayan

Herrera, Daniel

Hewell, Andrew E.

Hood, Sarah Latifa (Hood College Presidential, $16,000 per year; Tzu Chi Scholar 2013, $1,000)

Huang, Oliver

Huynh, Jenna (Jastro Scholarship/Agriculture/Food Science, UC Davis, $6,000; Tracy Rotary Club, $1,000)

Irwin, Sarah Elaine

Jackson, Jordan Marcus

Jackson, Lavell Marquise

Jemera, Jessica Taylor Cummings

Jensen-Joyce, Cassandra Marie

Jesuitas, Ronell Bryan

Johnson, Troy Joseph

Kahn, Imran A.

Kaur, Amninder

Kaur, Anumita (Tracy Breakfast Lions, $500; Tracy Rotary Club, $1,500)

Kaur, Kiranpreet

Kaur, Parampreet

Kaye, Kahe Edward (TAAA Wayne Nelson Scholar Program, $500)

Kirchefer, Rikki Claire

Kurita, Ken Iavn

Lafever, Shay Alexander

Landavazo, Chloe Cynthia Ruth

Landrum, Robert Wayne

Latifi, Waseem

Lazcon, Sebastian

Le, Jason

Le, Kathy T.

Le, Tuyen Xuan

Lee, Byron Chiho

Lee, Evelyn

Llamas Monteon, Jacqueline

Lopez, Angelique Lyric

Lopez, Cindy Laurie

Lopez, Manuel

Lopez, Maria Elena

Lopez-Navarro, Marisol

Lourenco, Victoria S.

Lowery, Mitchell Arthur

Lupica, Kory Michael (Tracy Elks, $300)

Lupica, Tyler Jacob

Ly, Calvin (Tracy Rotary Club, $1,500; University of the Pacific, $5,000 per year)

Madarang, Aiya Katreena Casals (Tracy Rotary Club, $750)

Madden, Colleen Kang

Madruga, Miguel Brum

Magallón, Omar R.

Magana, Araceli

Magaña, Stephanie Lizbeth

Majidzadah, Maseih Ahadullah

Malhi, Harvinder Singh

Malhi, Ranjit Singh

Manyvanh, Michaela Marie

Manzo, Marylou

Maqueda, Montserrat

Mares, Cesar Alberto

Marin Del Real, Mateo Omar Jorge

Martin Del Campo, Alex

Martinez, Chase Egan

Martinez, Gabriela

Martinez, Itcel J.

Martinez, Jesse Nelson

Martinez, Lizeth

Matthews, Marcellus Allen IV

Maya, Yadira C.

McCain, Bradley Daniel

McCarthy, Alexzandrea Maria

McHugh, Amber Rochell

McRae, Randi Lois Louise

Medeiros, Baylee Amber

Medina, Joseph Thomas

Melech, Michael Marcell

Melgoza, Diego Alberto

Mendez, Ailyn Atali

Mendez-Morales, Argenis

Mendez, Krystal Elizabeth

Mendoza, Raymond

Meneces-Manrique, Lizbeth

Mercado, Emilio John

Micael, James Patrick D.

Mijares-Vitela, Trinidad

Miller, Gabriel Andrew Seth

Miller, Kevin Matthew

Mobley, Elizabeth Marilyn Kaye

Monjes, Camron Antonio

Morales, Elda Lizeth (Tracy Schools Management Association, $500)

Morales, Erick

Morales Espinosa, Marco Alejandro (Tracy Rotary Club, $750)

Morataya Campos, Daniel Alfonso

Moreno, Tania Jazmin

Moya-Lopez, Alejandra Elizabeth

Munsayac, Nikko Lawrence Gollaba

Munsayac, Nikkole Louie

Murillo, Jose Miguel

Murillo, Marissa Lissette

My, Judy

Naicker, Anjali Meza (Principal’s Award, $250; Tracy Hispanic Business Group, $500)

Naraval, Cameron Michael

Nava, Germán

Negrete, Karen Yvette

Neverson, Jazmyn Nikole

Nghiem, Danielle Vi Quynh (Comcast Leaders & Achievers, $1,000; Tracy Rotary Club, $750; Tracy Tank Town Lions, $500)

Nguyen, Norman

Nicoletti, Nicoya Shiree

Nijjar, Amritpal Singh

Nixon, Robert E.

Nnaji, Obrien N.

Noegel, Steven Bryce

Nonog, Tony Jr.

Noriesta, Katelynn S.

Northcutt, Jordan Nicole

Nott, Jackson Ross

Nunez, Vanessa Marie

Oetken, Kevin Tyler (Gene Birk’s Brighter Christmas, $750)

Olson, Brittani Rose (eQuality Kaiser Permanente, $6,000)

Ordone, Hayden John

Orozco, Jessica

Ortiz, Nanci Yisela

Pacheco, Regina R.

Padilla, Ethan James

Padua, Albert L. Jr.

Parungao, Serena Deprise

Pascua, Miguel Carlo Laqui

Payne, James Howard Thomas III

Payuno, Bea Jessica Y.

Perez, Alejandro Francisco

Perez, Andrew Raul

Perez, Brenda Elena

Peters, Tyler Mark

Phan, Huyen T. (Principal’s Award, $250)

Phares, Kaitlyn Marie

Phillips, Ashley Lynn

Pintily, Tamara Diane Michelle (Delta Sigma Theta, $500)

Pounds, Chloe Nicole

Puentes, Christine Giron

Puentes-Gutierrez, Isidro

Rabb, William Kerry Jr. (Lynn Patteson Memorial, $500)

Ramirez, Giovanni

Ramirez, Jayda Romuela Javier

Ramirez, Joshua Michael

Ramirez, Maria Teresa

Ramirez, Nancy Vanessa

Ramirez-Soto, Brenda Guadalupe

Ramoz, Veronika Faye

Ramos Enciso, Yessenia Maria

Randall, Shayla Genette

Rangel, Armando M.

Rasmuss, Kayla Justine

Reading, Jason K.

Reed, Carli Mariah

Regacho, Markell Joseph DePeralta

Reid, Alaina Marie

Resendiz, Arturo

Reyes, David

Reyes, Maria Elena

Reymundo, Desiree Monique

Rheinor, Stephanie LeeAnn

Rico, Sergio

Robles, Shelley

Rodarte, Sergio Daniel

Rodrigues-Hutton, Matthew D.

Rodriguez, Daniel

Rodriguez, Israel

Rodriguez Martinez, Jorge

Romero, German Jr.

Romero, Katrina Nicole

Romo, Scott Daniel

Ruiz-Castaneda, Jose

Saar, Justin T. (SJCOE CB Merchant Services, $500)

Sahota, Gagandeep Kaur (Health Plan of San Joaquin, $2,500; Tracy Rotary Club, $1,000)

Sale, Jacob Christian Maano

Sale, Joshua Julian Maano

Salinas Cazarez, Brenda K.

Samayee, Youseph

Sanchez, Alexandra Renea

Sanchez, Christopher A.

Sanchez, Erika Jeanette

Sandhu, Sukhjit Singh

Santarina, Travis James Badua

Santos, Susana

Sapiandante, Jeff Daniel

Sarmiento, Gabriela Sandra

Savage, Isis Leola

Schafer, Brianna Lynn

Schermesser, Lucy Gale Sage

Schmig, Daniele

Schulz, Maximiliano A.

Sells, Tre’von D’Allen

Selna, Mitchell Charles

Serpa, Melissa Mary

Sevilla, Abigail Cabahug

Shavers, Maliyah Monique

Shibley, Ian N.

Silva, Cameron James

Silva, Elizabeth

Silva, Kenishi E.

Sims, Jalissa Nicole

Singh, Anmol

Singh, Amrit

Singh, Arwinderjit

Singh, Hargurdev Singh

Singh, Jaskaran

Skender, Belmin

Smiley, Robert Marc

Southards, Margaret Anne

Southerland, Devynn Kekaulani

Spencer, Shawn Anthony

Sra, Manpreet Kaur

Steed, Kristen Ashley (Pinkie Phillips Memorial, $500)

Stevens, Jonathan Michael

Stiborek, Joshua William

Stillwell, Chantelle Marie

Stoica, Emily Grace

Suarez, Savannah M.

Sullivan, Emma Katherine

Suon, Sarah Janet

Swaney, Niketa Marie

Tahal, Anuraagh Abhidev

Teliz, Leticia Carrillo

Temple Jamie Lynn

Thiessen, Macy Alejandra

Thind, Gurpreet Singh

Thomas, DeAndre Dwayne

Thomassen, Jacob Allen

Thompson, DeAndre Ramon

Thompson, Nathaniel T.

Toland, Taylor Mae

Tolentino, Gerrick Alcid

Tomas, Christopher Allen

Tornio, Ashley Rose (Gene Birk’s Brighter Christmas, $750; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo women’s softball, tuition and housing costs)

Torregosa, Niño M. (Pinkie Phillips Memorial, $500)

Torres, Sandra J.

Tostado, Juan-Carlos

Tostado, Mariscal Kimberly

Tran, Johnson T.

Travassos, Zerrina Jasmine

Tristan, Neri L.

Trujillo, Gabriel Adolfo

Tullah, Farhana

Turner, Ernest Raymond (TAAA Wayne Nelson Scholar Program, $500)

Turner, Tiana Karina

Tyson, Ale’ia Nicole

Valadez, Edgar Ureno

Valdez, Melissa Marie

Valencia, Edgar Javier

Varela, Joy Ernestina

Vargas, Alexzandria Jasmine

Vaughan, Logan Rael

Vaughn, Kolleen Marie

Vaughns, Kalani Caroline

Vazquez, Vanesa Rojas

Vega-Kadry, Armando Antonio

Vega, Sequoia Latrice

Velazquez, Omar Alejandro

Viguerias-Rivera, Juan Armando

Vik, Nicholas James

Villalpando, Vicente

Villalpando, Victor

Villanueva, Chezka Costelo

Villaseñor, Daniel José

Vindiola, Rachel Marie

Vo, Long Van

Wali, Ahmad

Wall, Kevin Karl

Weaver, Christopher Mark

Weispfenning, Amber Michelle

Wheeler, Brittney B.

Whelan, Dallas Joseph-Barreda

White, Morgan Anne

Williams, Justin J.

Williams, Marius

Win, Seint Sandy

Wineberg, Christopher Zachary

Workman, Jordan Le Anne

Wright, Nicole Giovanna (Tracy Rotary Club, $750)

Young, Michael David (Gene Birk’s Brighter Christmas, $750; TAAA Wayne Nelson Scholar Program, $500)

Zamora, Alejandra
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