Lack of evidence delays dogfighting case
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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MANTECA — A delay in the disclosure of evidence to the defense attorneys of three Tracy residents charged with dogfighting has once again stalled a preliminary hearing in San Joaquin County Superior Court on Friday, May 31.

Kenneth Baldwin, 35, Gracie Baldwin, 36, and Luther Brewer, 49, are charged with aiding, permitting and training a fighting dog.

Kenneth Baldwin and Gracie Baldwin — who are husband and wife — face additional charges of being present at dogfights, cultivating marijuana and possession of hash oil.

Gracie Baldwin is also charged with being a felon in possession of ammunition. Brewer has additional charges of being a felon allegedly in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

According to police, the defendants are believed to be involved in a large dog fighting operation that was raided in Benton County, Mississippi on March 31.

During a brief hearing on Friday, Brewer’s attorney, Jessie Garcia, informed Judge Duane Martin that the defense attorneys have yet to receive all of the evidence against their clients.

Martin approved a motion by the attorneys to continue the hearing to 8:30 a.m. on July 12 in the Manteca courthouse.

All three defendants remain out of jail on individually posted bonds.

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June 11, 2013
Keep a journal of everything you see. Report it all. Keep the heat on the HOA. Bombard them with letter and complaints. They will have to do something eventually. Good luck. Hidden Lake is a beautiful neighborhood.
June 06, 2013
@LuvMyLifeMore, oh noway, my friend lives there and says the HOA is strict, I feel for you and hope you can get positive action with them. What street are the druggie on or what is the druggies house number or street. I can ask her to tell the HOA because she knows the one guy well. Maybe a description of that house?
June 04, 2013
District Attorney of SJ County

Don't let us down. These scumbags who terrorize animals for fun is despicable. I mean hello please get the act together and send animal abusers a message.
June 04, 2013
And you thought dog fighting was profitable? Each tule elk hunt goes for ten thousand dollars.

Satellite imagery shows a tule elk running for its life and a hunter who paid ten thousand dollars - plus his Sierra Club membership making tracks.

Hunter says, "Thanks Sierra Club for helping me bag Bambi!"

Local rancher says, "Thanks brother, for giving me the rights to sell $10k California hunting permits!"

Kit fox says, "How the hell did I get here?"

Tracy Citizens say, "I thought she said she lived in Tracy?"
June 04, 2013
Here is what happens. The plaintiff is making the case, at Tracy High, that the Carnegie park should be closed. But they are calling it re-shaping the park.

Anyway, it's too late for the plaintiff, because we already know that in 2009 they almost shut down Carnegie park.

I guess if your brother got you rights to sell tule elk, wouldn't you want to protect your little family business too?

Keep it in the family. -an old Mafiosio proverb.
June 04, 2013
So, can someone explain why is TRAQC trying to shut down another park in Tracy? Doesn't sound like they are for "quality" community now, does it?
June 04, 2013
Check out her "friends of the park" website.

June 04, 2013
Carnegie Forever

Keep Carnegie SVRA open!

Carnegie SVRA Expansion Under Attack

A brazen attempt to steal the Alameda/Tesla Expansion out from under our noses will take place on Monday June 10th at 6:00 PM at Tracy High School in Tracy, CA. The Off Highway Division of State Parks will present the status of the master plan to finally open this needed area of Carnegie after 15 years. Our enemies will be there in force! Will YOU?



Like in the movie “Oceans 13” a subversive group of OHV haters have been working to steal our new park. Among other things:

They have been meeting for 7 years with the East Bay Regional Parks in Oakland, CA to get them to take over our property.

They were behind the lawsuit that ALMOST closed Carnegie.

They have been getting local papers/news organization on their side and against us.

They formed “Friends of Tesla Park” to collect $25K to fight us.

They solicited 7,000 emails from all over the US to Carnegie SVRA opposing the expansion.

They stole the name of our property (Alameda/Tesla Expansion Project) and renamed it “Tesla Park.

Here is a sample of the way YOU are treated in the press:

When Carnegie almost closed in 2009 you rose up and joined our corps of defenders. We now have over 13,000 supporters at Carnegie Forever, Inc. We are a non-profit corporation and try to keep you informed. Like our Marines, we are rushing to the fight, not away from it.

Special note: Bring the youngsters to the meeting. We adults have had our Carnegie fun for years but now we have to give the next generation an education. They MUST see how their future is being subverted by selfish people who basically HATE us. Let their pure voices drown out those of the assembled Grinch’s.

See you in Tracy!

Carnegie Forever Board of Directors




Kudos: Don Amador of BRC “sleuthed out” the East Bay Parks connection with local ranchers Connolly/Garamendi to have the new property taken from us.

June 06, 2013

If ya go down ta th county records office an look at th public data concerning these two, along with thair family affiliations in conjunction with th "RANCH" they own, ya will answer yer question.

Fortunately, fer Tracy anyway, Carnegie is a State Park an th City don't have anythang ta do or say about how th State runs it.

Since there are only a couple, or so, off road vehicle parks in th entire state, they will have a hard time tryin ta get th state ta shut it down, providin, of course, state citizens that use this type of facility are payin close attention an take immediate action when they try ta do somethang ta shut th park down. But it don't prevent em frum continuin ta try by chippin away at it, which after all, seems ta be th liberal way of gettin thangs done so ya can reap a huge profit on yer investments.

When an if ya look at county public records, go back at least thirty years to get a better picture of what thair really up ta.

It helps ta have family members positioned high on th State Government ladder. Sort of opens a bunch of doors don't it?

BTY, they have attempted, unsuccessfully, ta have these public records expunged frum th public.

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