Man injured in Thursday crash still in hospital
by Joel Danoy
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Solo crash on Grant Line Road
A Tracy police officer looks inside a Pontiac Grand Am that hit a telephone pole on Grant Line Road east of MacArthur Drive and crashed into a row of oleander bushes on Thursday, May 2.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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A Stockton man remained in critical condition Wednesday, May 8, following a single-vehicle crash on Grant Line Road Thursday, May 2, that also injured two other people.

Corey Reynolds Jr., 22, has been in the San Joaquin General Hospital intensive care unit since he crashed a Pontiac Grand Am on the 1300 block of Grant Line Road, just west of MacArthur Road, around 9:30 p.m., according to officer Vince Wyant of the Tracy Police Department.

Reynolds was driving west on Grant Line Road when he went onto the right shoulder, struck a telephone pole and slammed into a row of oleanders, according to Wyant.

Investigators determined that Reynolds was going 61 mph in a 45 mph zone just before he left the road and struck the pole, Wyant said.

Reynolds and his passengers, Rigo Castillo, 25, and Tytianna Goins, 23, both of Stockton, had to be cut from the vehicle by firefighters using the Jaws of Life.

Castillo was flown by medical helicopter to Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, while Goins was driven by ambulance to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital. Both were treated for unknown injuries and released Friday, May 3, according to Wyant.

It’s still unclear what caused Reynolds, who isn’t a licensed driver, to leave the roadway, Wyant said.

There is “no indication” that drugs or alcohol are factors, though investigators are still waiting for the results of a toxicology report completed on Reynolds, Wyant said.

“If it did come back positive, then more than likely we’ll seek charges for DUI,” Wyant said. “But this is routine at this point when you have a crash like this.”

At the scene Thursday, it took firefighters almost an hour to remove all of the passengers — Reynolds was the last to be freed.

Police said at the scene that the force of the impact from the crash caused the steering wheel to be thrown out of the right-front passenger window, and it was found about 20 feet from the vehicle.

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May 16, 2013
for all the people with bad things to say about Corey Reynolds you don't know what he was doing he could have been on his way home from work are anything and yes he was wrong for speeding but you guys have no right to talk down on his guy.
May 16, 2013
You are right we don't know him, and we don't know what he was doing. We do know one thing from the article...he isn't a licensed driver. So it doesn't matter what he was doing, he was breaking the law, and deserves to be incarcerated if and when he gets out of the hospital. With no license, I have to wonder if he even had insurance...I can't imagine he did.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for law breakers that then suffer somekind of problem. All we ask is for people to follow the laws. If you want to break them by driving without a license (and I doubt insurance) then tough luck, don't ask me to help you out or pay your doctor bills.
May 15, 2013
No Driver License???? What gives you the right to drive a car without a driver license?? I don't understand...what are you thinking?? I just can't figure it out....WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS OK TO DRIVE WITHOUT A LICENSE COREY REYNOLDS???? YOU are a PIECE OF $HIT!!! I KNOW you have no insurance...Come on TPD Officer Weyant....I hope you are gonna cite him and throw the book at him aren't you... Officer Weyant???? LOWLIFE's like this guy are the ones that ruin people's lifes because they can't drive....hit an innocent family and hurt innocent people. I hope this guy gets some jail time...I still can't figure it out...why he thinks it's ok to drive without a license...can it be that you can not read??? HOLY CRAP I'm sure they print a handbook in your language....MY tax dollars pay to print the drivers handbook in several languages....which makes no sense....why do we spend money to print our drive handbook in several languages??? Our street signs are in English....get that?? IN ENGLISH!!!! LEARN TO READ!!!! AND GET A LICENSE AND INSURANCE YOU MORON....AND ALL YOU OTHER LOSERS THAT DON'T HAVE A LICENSE!!!! OK...I will come down off my soapbox now....
May 08, 2013
Try obeying the speed limit next time. It's there for a reason.
May 08, 2013
Sheesh, try getting a drivers license. Knucklehead
May 09, 2013
...just another ignorant kid who thinks he was driving a video game. If he survives, and is able to someday pay off the fines, lawsuits, and other consequences associated with his reckless behavior the other night, maybe he'll learn to be slow down while driving, be more responsible, and help others do the same, including many parents in TCY who seem almost oblivious to speed limits, stop signs, and texting/use of handphones while driving. Its no wonder why so many kids today are screwed up, they've learned to be this way from their parents, who breed like animals

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