Your Voice: Remember prom for right reasons
by Lori Martin, Tracy
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Excitement grows for teens because proms and graduation celebrations are coming fast.

I remember being eager to dress up with all of the extras and spend nights with my friends.

I know teens are bombarded with warnings to not drink and drive. Listen to a victim this time:

When I was 16 and a junior at Tracy High School, a drunken driver hit me head-on in April of 1992.

Going to school and dances, talking with friends and playing sports ended.

I spent weeks in a coma and had paralysis, along with multiple broken and dislocated bones. Clinics, hospitals, surgeries and therapy became my teenage life.

I lost my driving ability, and my brain injury damaged my hearing and speech. This affects me daily.

A drunken driver changed my life — and one can change yours.

For almost 10 years, the California Highway Patrol and I notify teens what a drunken driver can do. I also write letters in local newspapers stating the importance of driving sober.

My goal is to make sure teens end their proms and parties responsibly and to save lives on the roads.

I guarantee you a “good time” definitely does not come if you drive after drinking. A drunken driver can kill or hurt themselves and others. My scars, hearing difficulty and speech definitely show that.

Have a sober driver after prom and parties so they will be times to remember for all the right reasons.

• Editor’s note: West High School’s prom is scheduled for Saturday, April 13. Kimball High’s is April 20, and Tracy High’s is April 27.
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April 12, 2013
Very Nice words doors17, BUT convert me to a Dodger fan???? I'm going to roll on the floor laughing!:-)))
April 12, 2013
Thank you Lori for your efforts to help other avoid the pain you have dealt with. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by taking your near fatal tragedy and turning it into a positive by educating others so they’ll never feel the pain you have.

Now if I can only convert you into becoming a Dodger fan. :)

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