Mountain House to experience power outage
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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Mountain House residents will be without electricity for approximately eight hours on Sunday, April 7, while Western Area Power Administration can replace equipment at the Kelso Road substation.

Melissa Williams, spokeswoman for the Modesto Irrigation District, said on Tuesday, April 3, that approximately 3,400 customers are expected to be without power from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Williams said that the proposed finish time is “of course estimates.”

MID manages the electrical power to Mountain House for Western Area Power Administration.

Williams said MID sent postcards to customers last week to notify them of the upcoming outage.

Mountain House Development Manager Morgan Groover said residents also received an outage notice in their monthly water bill this week, and notice was given on the MHCSD website.

Groover said that officials did not want to publicize the outage in the media because town officials were concerned that potential burglars could break-in to homes in the community.

However, he said that additional deputies from the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office will patrol Mountain House during the outage.

On Tuesday afternoon, Groover said generators and street lights run on batteries, so officials were not overly concerned about the scheduled outage.

“We’ve got to run those generators once every couple of weeks, so we’re running this as a normal exercise,” Groover said.

For residents, Williams said appliances using electricity will not work during the outage. She mentioned cordless phones, sprinkler timers and automatic garage door openers as some daily commodities that probably won’t work during the outage.

The upgrades are part of a two-year project by Western Area Power Administration that is scheduled to be complete by the spring 2014, according to Lisa Meiman, spokeswoman for the company.

About 230,000 volts of electricity will be shutoff to allow workers to replace circuits at the substation, she said.

“It’s a piece of a much larger project that we’re doing down at the Tracy substation,” Meiman said. “The end result of the project is to make the substation more resilient with fewer power outages.”

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April 07, 2013
I'm sure you understand that those "morons" are contributing to your local economy...right? The average MH resident probably has a much higher income than the average Tracy resident. I would worry about the day those "morons" finally get businesses in their town. Tracy would become more of a shit hole than it already is.
April 09, 2013
LuvMyLifeMore, your husbands income is irrelevant. Let's look at the real numbers from the 2010 Census shall we?

Mountain House median household income = $95,977

Tracy median household income = $76,739

Mountain House Education Attainment:

Associate's Degree 11.2%

Bachelor's Degree 34.3%

Graduate or professional degree 10.3%

Tracy Education Attainment:

Associate's Degree 8.3%

Bachelor's Degree 16.9%

Graduate or professional degree 4.8%

Why would we move to a town with no stores you ask? Can I ask you how long it takes you to get to Costco or the mall? Cause it takes me 10 to 15 minutes. I'm guessing that's the same amount of time it takes you with the lights and traffic if not faster. The distance to stores is a non-issue and obviously does not deter anyone from living in Mountain House. Even if it were a longer drive, it would still be worth it to me instead of living in Tracy. Tracy could either be the next Livermore or the next Stockton. Right now it's headed in the Stockton direction. I'd rather not wait to find out. Glad we can agree on one thing though, outside of the mall area and a few spots in town, it really is a crap hole. Took me one drive down 11th to see it.
April 05, 2013
To read some of the comments on the mt. hse. forums, you would think that the entire "gang" population of Calif. was just outside the bounderies of the compound waiting to ride rough shod over the entire community.

April 05, 2013
Oh, all you criminals that can read, You now know what time & date & how many cops will be there, so be sure to bring a truck.

and you can thank the TRACY PRESS for the heads up!
April 05, 2013
I guess "Groover" wont be going to any mensa meetings soon!

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