Our Voice: Bullish on Tracy futures
by Press Editorial Board
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It’s widely known that the annual State of the City address is a chance for Tracy’s mayor and other local leaders to tout their accomplishments and burnish the city’s image. It’s a sales pitch for Tracy’s stock.

It’s also a pitch we’re buying.

There’s a long list of reasons to believe the positive outlook embraced by Mayor Brent Ives on Wednesday, March 27. There is real substance behind the city’s stylish presentation.

Though the foreclosure crisis hit few cities harder than it did Tracy, good financial planning and the Measure E half-cent sales tax allowed the city to avoid slashing and burning public safety and other services.

While some cities struggled — and failed — to maintain their financial footing, Tracy’s strategic reserves let elected and appointed leaders turn their focus to economic development.

Tracy was able to prepare commercial and industrial land for when growth resumed, foresight that has already helped lure Amazon.com. It could pay off even larger with the Cordes Ranch development west of town, as the city tries to bring technology and logistics companies away from the Bay Area with cheaper land and more opportunities to expand.

Tracy’s location at the doorstep of the East Bay and gateway to the Central Valley make it a logical choice for future development of homes and businesses.

And Tracy’s streets are relatively safe.

Those very real reasons for optimism don’t even touch Tracy’s true strong suit —

the heart and character of the people who make the city a community.

To be sure, there are challenges.

Vacant and foreclosed homes plague too many neighborhoods; the revitalization of downtown is often two steps forward, one step back; quality of life concerns about crime and the need for more urban entertainment options persist; and the expiration of Measure E in 2016 could cause a return to budget deficits.

But challenges confront any city.

Compared to many in California, Tracy is in strong position, and city leadership seems to have the cohesive vision and positive attitude to find a way forward in spite of the obstacles it faces.

There is no guarantee that our city’s fortunes will continue to soar, but we’ll place our wager on a Tracy bull market.
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April 09, 2013
It amazes me that readers believe this sales pitch. If you keep up with the the news in Tracy, you will quickly realize that Tracy's crime rate is growing rapidly. On Monday there were three articles about crimes in two and another one today. Let's see, minors burglarizing homes and stealing guns, an out of control teenager shot during an unsupervised party, two parents of five children arrested for dog fighting and two gang members arrested for gun violence.

Tracy is an embarrassment.

March 29, 2013
Hey Mayor,

Thank the citizens of Tracy for allowing Mesure E to pass. You're Welcome!

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