Her Voice: You, too, can see angels all around
by Willow Allie / Submitted to the Tracy Press
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Our vision of an angel is a person with a long white gown, large wings made of feathers and a halo over their heads.

But angels don’t need to look a certain way.

It is said angels protect you, often creating some kind of miracle. Their presence is comforting and calming, their purpose unknown. They surround us every day of our lives.

We have no idea who, what or why they are here. It doesn’t have to be a human — it could be an animal. Maybe they visit us for a short time or are with us for years. Some are invisible, but we know and feel they are with us.

The angel could be someone or something we see on a daily basis. It’s possible they live a life on Earth to teach us lessons.

Our town has a man with both of his legs amputated below the knees. His life is simple, and he depends on the kindness of strangers. Day after day, he sits in his wheelchair holding a sign asking for help.

When you look closer, he is surrounded by his three dogs he is a guardian to. As much as life has given him, he still has love and compassion in his heart to share what little he can to make sure they have a home.

In turn, they protect him, and he protects them.

Love surrounds the wheelchair with all four of them. He speaks proudly of his dogs — they are his family, his life. They give him the will and courage to continue.

Although we don’t know his story, we must be grateful he is teaching us a life lesson — just give him a smile and a kind word. You will be rewarded with a smile and a kind word from him. If you have time, maybe you will engage in a small conversation that will capture your heart.

Walk or drive by him, even if you don’t give him money or food the smile and greeting is there for you to receive. He may not be the angel we have seen in books or pictures, but he is an angel.

His wings are the wheels on his wheelchair. His clothes tattered and dirty, not the bright white we think they should be. The halo is a glowing light of love he has for his dogs, and their love in return. Look and listen to him and his dogs. You will hear a life lesson and feel the love of an angel for life itself.

Be open to the theory of angels and you will see one before you. Maybe someday you will see the glowing halo. When that day comes you can say, “Yes, I have seen an angel.”

• Willow Allie has been a Tracy resident since 1998.
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March 16, 2013
I agree with you about this well spoken young man. His life story is heartbreaking. He wants to be a motivational speaker and he'd be great. He currently needs an operation that is only done in the state of Alaska. The fees involved far exceed his disability payments. If the procedure was available here in California he wouldn't have to leave his dogs. Friends of his have agreed to care for them when the time comes.

He has a bone infection that requires amputation of the portion of bone involved. The last time he underwent this procedure was over 5 years ago.

Through all of this he smiles and contiues to believe in the best of people. I am blessed to have met him and I continue to pray for him and his four legged furry children.

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