Taggers mark up downtown
by TP staff
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Downtown buildings tagged
Graffiti covers the back wall of the Academy of Performing Arts on 10th Street on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Vandals tagged several businesses and homes in downtown Tracy sometime late Sunday, Feb. 17, or early Monday, Feb. 18.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Numerous businesses and homeowners woke Monday morning, Feb. 18, to discover taggers had sprayed graffiti on buildings throughout downtown Tracy, according to police.

Tracy Police Department traffic Sgt. Kami Ysit said at least 10 businesses and one home in the area of 10th Street and Central Avenue were tagged with silver spray-paint early Monday.

She said the graffiti was likely done by the same person or a group of people, though police don’t yet have a suspect.

The cost of the damage was unknown as of Thursday, Feb. 21.

No arrests had been made as of press time Thursday, Ysit said, but police are working several leads based on surveillance video provided by downtown merchants and residents.

Anyone with information is asked to call Tracy Police Department at 831-6550.

• Contact Denise Ellen Rizzo at 830-4225 or drizzo@tracypress.com.
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February 22, 2013
...lets get the parents of these thugs to pay for and help clean up the mess made by their ugly spawn. Its obvious that there is a level of tolerance for gangbangers like these and others so often seen around town while they're driving through residential areas at night with rear license plate lamps unplugged and scouting for trouble. Perhaps its getting about time to do another gang sweep similar to what was done a couple of years ago...?
February 21, 2013
February 21, 2013
Tracy Press staff,

A) Taggers? I call BS. Call the little punks who did this what they are, vandals, miscreants, criminals, etc. Let's drop the PC sugar coating bull.

B) Why show pictures? Not that any of the little punks who did this can read but I'm pretty sure they can recognize their vandalism. I'm sure somewhere there's glee in their little hearts seeing their defacing of property in living color on your website.

C) Here's an idea. If the punks are caught how about posting pictures of them and their parents?
February 21, 2013
What I don't get is why advertise their work by placing a photo on the site? Exactly what they want. Shame on you guys.

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