Your Voice: Aquatics center would make
by Bella Brusca, Tracy
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Tracy is a great place to live because it has a small-town feel to it; however, if Tracy added an aquatics center it would make Tracy even better. Adding an aquatics center would make families happier, bring jobs to Tracy and would be good for the community.

The kids would love to swim, go down waterslides and jump off the diving boards. Kids would have a safe place to hang out with friends. If Tracy added an aquatics center, it would be a great place for local families to socialize and spend time together.

Next, the aquatics center would bring jobs to Tracy. The aquatics center would need many lifeguards to keep everyone safe in the water. Then, the aquatics center would need people to work at the concession stands to make and sell food.

Finally, the aquatics center would be good for the community. It would bring people into Tracy, which would be good for the local businesses like restaurants and gas stations. Also, the local residents would not have to go to other towns for water attractions, which keeps more money in the town of Tracy. So it seems to me that the aquatics center would be a great addition to Tracy’s economy.
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