Your Voice: Let the good news roll
by Christine Garth, Tracy
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It was truly gratifying to read about all of the good news coming our way to Tracy these past few weeks. Amazon is coming to town, wow. The new Legacy Fields sports complex is under way, the Ellis project and swim center were approved, and other job-generating projects are on the way.

These are all positive things for the community. They shout out to our neighbors and businesses looking for a community to be part of, “Look what is being accomplished in Tracy!”

 Thank you, Mayor Brent Ives. Thanks to the City Council. Thanks to planning commissioners and city staff for working to protect and enhance Tracy’s community image as a safe town with a lot of really great things going on that will benefit the people and businesses in our city.

Keep up the good work, everyone.

P.S. To Tracy Region Alliance for a Quality Community: stop the senseless obstructionism. It is time to move forward and help the community you say you are a part of.

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February 08, 2013
I would have to agree with your perception that Amazon coming to Tracy is a good thing, but that is where I have to draw the line in agreement. Tracy doesn't need, nor can it afford, to have a sports complex or a swim center. The Ellis project is a joke. Under the plan, the city will receive from Surland 16 acres and $10 million to construct a water park. In return, Surland will be exempt from paying $8.1 million in sewer lines. In actuality, the city is getting only $1.9 million in addition to the land. What gives here? Give away the farm and receive two goats in exchange. Ives and the city council shouldn't be "thanked" like you have done. They should be reprimanded for putting Tracy in a position that is favorable only for their egos. From the tone of your submission I can only assume that you are a parent of a swimmer who may, or may not, make use of a water park/swimming pool. In a day-and-age where the economy needs help, the city wants to build a watering hole. Not logical in my book.
February 08, 2013

The competition pool was just a mirage to sucker all those Ellis Swim Team Members to come to the council meeting and make it look like the public wants the Ellis project. The public has already voted down the Ellis project when 70% of the voters said no to Ellis in Measure V.

This council dosent care. They can get us suckers to vote for Measure E and collect 5 million a year off of us and then give it to Surland in free wastewater and water benefits. Then what nobody is talking about the council authorized the reduction in the Tracy PD by 14% after they promised no cuts to public safety if we voted for Measure E. Check it out on the City's website. See page 6 of the 2011 Tracy PD annual report at the link below..

PS Christine Garth have fun waiting for that competition pool. You will never see it. Write another letter in three years and tell me how great Mayor Ives and the city council are when your still waiting. Good luck

April 15, 2013
the good old boy network is alive and well here in tracy. we need a water park like we need more homes(shadow inventory)the most successful water park in our region oakwood lake went under due to our isolated location. this project is destined before it starts to fail. it will fast become a white elephnat like the grand theatre, and will require a constant drainage to the city budget. so keep filling up the council chamber with cute kids and there signs so we can all feel good about getting the shaft. put the money somewhere practical for once!

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