Your Voice: Tracy must aim higher
by Al Galaviz, Tracy
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The biggest issue facing the city of Tracy is economic development. We need to develop a solid and reliable tax base. We need for large and small businesses to move to Tracy and bring good-paying and professional employment with them. We do not need more warehouse and forklift driver positions.

The recent good news is that Amazon is moving to Tracy. However, most of those jobs will be for warehouse, dock handlers and forklift drivers. For many of us that went and got an education, what are we to do, drive a forklift and throw our degrees in the trashcan?

Tracy is ideal for large and small companies because of our location and access to rail and truck facilities.

For years our city leaders failed us and were wrapped up in the Tracy Real Estate Industrial Complex until it collapsed.

Only because of the past boom years of real estate do we have a healthy city savings account. Otherwise we would have ended up like Stockton, bankrupt, having to cut police, fire, city employees and all the benefits including medical.

Raising taxes to play for police, fire and city employment benefits just goes so far.

We need to send a clear message to our City Council — get your head out of the sand and do your jobs.

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February 08, 2013
Another article that lacks thought and clarity as is typical in this newspaper. Whenever someone compares their city to Oakland/Stockton you might want to take note of their agenda. First off. It seems rather uneducated to promote business by attacking business. Another point. The newspaper keeps hankering on about only having one type of business and how we are going to end up like Stockton. Well guess what ? Stockton had multiple types of businesses and much of it went down the tubes. If this newspaper had business sense they would shut the heck up and stop scaring away business. Hire someone who knows business and use duct tape on the editor for crying out loud.
February 08, 2013
You hit the nail on the head, Al.

While, as pointed out below, there is nothing wrong with warehouse jobs, we have 50 bazillion of those here. What is wrong is that there is no balance in our workforce. Does it have to be nothing but retail and warehouse jobs?

The city has all these greenie pipe dreams. One of them is to have more of our residents work here instead of driving 50 miles to the bay area as most do. If that is really what is wanted, it wont be acheived by bringing in more warehouses. The folks driving over the hill are not doing so for retail and warehouse jobs.

February 08, 2013
Your stance on encouraging economic growth in this city doesn't make sense. Not everyone has a college degree as you do. There is nothing wrong with warehouse/forklift drivers positions. Amazon coming to Tracy is a good thing. Our city needs to start with small steps. Tracy isn't exactly the hub of San Joaquin Valley like our city government likes to think but it does have some potential areas for big business. City government does have to take their heads out of the sand but your ideas leave me thinking that you've got sand in your eyes and are unable to see the big picture.

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