Remember When: Crop-dusting connection
by TP staff
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Today’s Remember When mystery photo, above left, shows four men in front of a crop-dusting airplane in 1997. Who are they and what was their connection to the plane?

Last week’s Remember When mystery photo, below left, shows the Mohawk service station and petroleum depot in the 1930s, located on Tracy’s western edge on 11th Street just west of the Southern Pacific tracks.

The station and wholesale petroleum depot were operated by Audrey Glover, who had come to Tracy in 1935 from the Galt area. He later earned a medical degree from Loma University School of Medicine and practiced medicine in Tracy for a number of years.

Yvonne Glover-Miller, daughter of Dr. A.R. Glover, remembered the petroleum facility. She recalled as a girl during World War II waving to troops in trains headed to the Bay Area on the nearby Southern Pacific tracks.

Art Serpa and John Cloke identified the station and owner. Cloke noted that a photo of another location of what became Glover Oil Co. appears on the cover of Glover’s autobiography, “Glover.”

• If you know the answer or can’t wait until next week to get it, email shm@tracy or call 830-4234.
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January 27, 2013
Glover's autobiography is a private publication but if ya can get yer hands on a copy ta read it ya would be amazed at th thangs Audrey accomplished in his life.

Others may have different feelins but fer me he was one of th greatest people I have ever had th pleasure ta get ta know on a personal basis.

In my opinion his life's story is somethang all young people should read if fer no other reason than ta give them a glimpse of all th possibilities thair lifes have in store fer em.
January 25, 2013

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