Remember When: A Tracy visitor
by TP staff
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This week’s Remember When “mystery photo,” above left, shows a California political leader who visited Tracy 23 years ago, in December 1989. Who was he, and who was at the Tracy Community Center to greet him?

Last week’s Remember When “mystery photo,” below left, shows two sisters, Nancy Conant (left) and Adele “Cathy” Griffin, flanking their brother, Pete Navarra, at the opening of Carmelo’s Restaurant and Deli on West 10th Street in February 1976.

The remodeled original Globe Cleaners building across the street from the Tracy Press was named for their grandfather, Carmelo Navarra. Many of the dishes served were from old family recipes.

The building now houses Old Republic Title Co. Identifying those in the photo were Dorlane Thrasher, Bobbie Etcheverry, Jenna Emhoff, Jollyne Toste and Jeannie Patello.

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December 17, 2012
That's Alan Cranston.

His accomplishments include losing a lawsuit (in the U.S.) filed by Adolf Hitler’s publisher due to Mein Kampf copyright violations, helping to pass the 1949 World Federalist California Resolution which supported a World Government, falsely convincing President Franklin Roosevelt that Germany had perpetrated the Katyn massacre, being reprimanded for “improper conduct” by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics (who also claimed Cranston's misconduct was the worst among the Keating Five), and convincing the people of California to vote him in for two terms as the State Controller and four terms as Senator.

Cranston was welcomed into Tracy on Wednesday, December 13, 1989. Along those to greet him were Tracy Mayor Lester “Scotty” Scott, Tracy City Manager Michael Locke and Pat Keenan from the Manteca Chamber of Commerce.

While the topic was supposed to be transportation, it inevitably turned to Bush-bashing, slashing the military budget in half and pro-abortion rhetoric (the same talking points of current California elected officials).

I just wish Californians would learn from past mistakes and quit electing (and re-electing) people like Cranston.

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