From the Publishers: Press rests on community foundation
by Will Fleet and Ralph Alldredge / Co-publishers, Tracy Press
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During the past few months, we have met many Tracy residents and appreciate all of the good wishes they have extended to us as new owners of the Tracy Press.

But no community newspaper is truly owned by the people whose names appear on the masthead. It belongs to the entire community, because it cannot survive without the support and participation of readers, advertisers and the community at large. All of our plans for the Tracy Press are built upon that fundamental truth.

One of our first goals is to establish a new level of communication with the community by forming a newspaper advisory board that includes a broad cross section of Tracy residents.

That group will be used as a sounding board for new ideas or approaches we may be considering, as well as a source for all other forms of community input. We contemplate regular exchanges with board members by email or other means of communication, as well as occasional meetings in person. We welcome your suggestions for people who should serve on that board.

We will also be seeking good local writers, photographers and other artists who are willing and able to help us improve our community coverage of news and sports.

We invite everyone to tell us how we are doing in every aspect of our business, through letters to the editor, comments on our website, emails, personal contacts or any other form of communication.

Our efforts to engage with everyone in the community must include all generations.

Therefore, we plan to provide each classroom in the Tracy area with a free subscription to the Tracy Press. Our coverage of the schools will extend well beyond the traditional menu of sports and school administration. Our goal is to provide our readers, including students, a complete and accurate picture of what is happening in Tracy schools.

We invite you to join us in developing the kind of relationship between the Tracy Press and its community which helps both grow and prosper.

— Will Fleet and Ralph Alldredge, co-publishers
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December 07, 2012
And by all means, please do not be media biased, no political correctness or not reporting on the good bad and ugly of the political issues.

Merry Christmas!
December 07, 2012
I could not agree more with bring our crime blotter police reports back. We want to know what is happening in our town. Maybe I will subscribe to the Stockton Record on line instead.
December 07, 2012
A question for the Tracy Press-

Why is it that I have to read the Stockton Record to get the crime news that is happening in our town?

here are a few reports that you guys seemed to have missed-

a shooting on 11/24,Police have released a video on the suspect car-

Tracy man jailed on molest charges 11/28-

Tracy police seek bank robber 11/30-

It's nice to have a local newspaper that reports all of the warm and fuzzy news that happens around here, but it's still ok to report on what really goes on around here too.

And please bring back the police logs as well.

Thank you.

November 30, 2012
Thank you for reaching out to the community with your comments. I am a coach at a local high school on the sub-varsity level. I feel it is important to give some coverage to our young people that play at the non-varsity level. I enjoy looking at the Press and seeing how all of our Tracy schools are doing in sports and other areas. I hope that there can be a way to keep some continuing coverage of the hard work that all of these students put in to each season. Thank you again and good luck to the Tracy Press.

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