Your Voice: Development requires more discussion
by Gabriel Leal, Tracy
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I am resident of Ashley Park, a community located behind a proposed high-density development called McDonald & Valpico Apartments. These two projects will have a combined total of 244 apartments in proximity to my backyard.

I found out of the project by accident the day before the planning commission hearing about it, and some of the neighbors and myself attended the meeting. Only two residents (due to time restrains — we left the meeting at 11:30 p.m.) were able express our concerns. After all parties were heard, the committee recommended the approval of the project, regardless of the poor job done by the city notifying nearby homeowners who will be the most affected if this project is approved by the City Council next month.

Also, the same night, the commissioners recommended, on the spot, changing the use of the land from commercial to high-density.

The planning commissioners never considered the opinion of the people like myself who bought property 10 years ago and that will be impacted if the new development move forward. House prices will decline; crime will rise, as historically happens in high-density areas; noise and traffic levels will increase, as eventually both neighborhoods will connect when Glenbriar Drive is extended and connect to Stalsburg Drive.

It looks like the city, planning commissioners and developers

wanted to rush the project. Many commissioners stated that they talked with the developers and saw a good project, but the city made no effort to reach the community most affected by the project.

When I bought my home, the land was designed as commercial. I would have never invested in the area had I known the city would change the use of the land to high density.

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December 06, 2012
And you wonder why people gathered together to form TRAQC?
November 24, 2012
High density = future ghetto

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