Remember When: Name these trophy winners
by TP staff
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Today’s Remember When “mystery photo,” above left, shows four Tracy High School students holding a trophy in October 1973. Who are they, and what was the trophy?

Last week’s Remember When “mystery photo,” below left, shows the Samaria Rebekah Lodge drill team in 1942. Back row, left to right: Bernice Ladd, Esther Gischel, Eva Oliver, Marion Stocking and Rose Pool. Front row, left to right: Edna Holmes, Maureen Woodward, Viola Stocking and Amanda Johnson.

The Samaria Rebekah Lodge was the women’s organization affiliated with the Sumner Odd Fellows Lodge in Tracy. Members met in the Odd Fellows Hall, which was constructed in 1898 on East Sixth Street and is still in use as the Moose Lodge.

A late identification: The one unnamed 1960s-era youth baseball coach in the Nov. 2 “mystery photo” — middle row, fourth from left — has been identified as Tom Bumgarner. Thanks to Jeri Fisher and Pam Wilson Lundeen for the ID.

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November 23, 2012
Virginia Mitchell, Billy Rieger, Liz Remonda, Phil Anderson, 1974-1975 school year.
November 25, 2012
This was the second Yosemite Forensic League tournament of the 1973-74 season. Ernie Poletti's Tracy team won the overall trophy (shown in the picture), placing third in the A division and first in the B division. Bill, Liz, Virginia and I were in different "houses of Congress," and each of us won best speaker in his or her house, hence the picture. Going to Tracy High at a time when Mr. Poletti taught speech there was an absolute privilege. He was one of a kind, the most brilliant teacher I ever encountered in secondary school, university, or graduate school. I'm a professor these days, and every time I teach anything, I put to use what he taught us in class and in his book "Streamlined Speech."

--Phil Anderson (from Singapore)

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