Your Voice: Grand needs more handicapped parking
by Elizabeth Tidd, Tracy
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My husband and I went out for a nice evening on a recent Friday to the Grand Theatre to hear the Sun Kings sing Beatles songs.

The thing that I really do not understand — and I wish someone would explain it to me — is that with all the improvements the city is doing with these roundabouts, how come a person that is handicapped cannot find handicapped parking in the same block as the Grand Theatre? There is handicapped parking, but most of them are two blocks away, and then there are only one or two at the most.

There were three of us that I did see that night who had wheelchairs or problems walking and needed assistants. Handicapped people do enjoy going out to events at the Grand, but sometimes it is so hard to walk that it is not worth it.

Come on, city of Tracy — please put in a few more handicapped parking spaces in the block with the Grand, and in downtown.
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November 17, 2012
we should close the grand and save the city 850 thousand dollars a year.
November 16, 2012
The handicap parking in downtown is not to benefit the handicap. I recently parked in one of the handicap spaces, which are all behind the businesses on 10th street, and then found that I had to walk a block to access 10th street. The street designers put in motorcycle spaces on 10th street, but the handicap have to walk blocks. I contacted the City and was informed they met the requirements of providing the adequate amount of handicap parking spaces. I guess the code makers are all able-bodied.

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