High turnout for Election Day
by Joel Danoy
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Packed at the polls
Tyler Cefalu (left) and precinct inspector John Treantos watch as Daniel Nunes places a ballot in the box as voters make their choices at the American Legion Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 6.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Cesar Cuera walked out of the Tracy Unified School District Education Center on Tuesday, Nov. 6, with a satisfied smile.

The 20-year-old had just registered to vote and was feeling the rush of casting his first ballot.

“I was pretty excited,” he said outside of the polling site at 1875 Lowell Ave. “I did it last minute. So I had to fill out my stuff to register, but it was easy and it felt good.”

Cuera said he followed friends’ conversations on Facebook and Instagram and decided to make his voice heard.

“You know everyone has something to say, and I’m always reading about it, so it made me want to vote,” he said. “I probably wouldn’t have heard about it (the candidates) any other way. When I did, it made me learn about them.”

The Tracy resident joined 52 percent of the 293,004 registered voters in San Joaquin County that helped cast 151,158 ballots on Election Day Tuesday, according to the county’s registrar of voters website.

The unofficial results were released at 12:07 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7. State law mandates that all election results be certified by Dec. 4. Specific numbers for Tracy were not available.

John Treantos, precinct inspector at the American Legion, 1960 Tracy Blvd., said nearly 300 of roughly 1,000 registered voters in that precinct had voted in person by 5:15 p.m.

He has been working at the precinct since 2000 and noted that about 40 percent of the voters registered there are absentee voters.

“I’ve never seen it this busy in 12 years,” he said. “It’s been steady — we haven’t gone more than 10 minutes without someone voting.”

As a school system employee, Michelle Stroth, 53, came to the site because she felt it was “important to vote for education” this election — specifically Propositions 30 and 38 which allocated funding to schools.

“There are important propositions that we need to get passed so the schools will get their funding,” she said. “Education is being cut big time. The propositions have to do with our county and state.”

Stroth said she felt the proposition language was clearer than in years past.

“There weren’t little catches. It was explained a lot better. You didn’t think, ‘What happens if I voted no — will it mean yes?’ This one was a lot more simple.”

Below is a full list of candidates and races that were voted on by Tracy residents:

Tracy City Council

(top two candidates win)

Nancy D. Young, 7,278 (26.9 percent)

Michael Maciel, 6,911 (25.6)

Ray Morelos, 4,701 (17.4)

Charles Manne, 4,282 (15.8)

Roger J. Birdsall, 3,679 (13.6)

Write-in, 118 (0.4)

Tracy mayor

Brent Ives, 14,537 (95.2)

Write-in, 740 (4.8)

Tracy city treasurer

Raymond W. McCray,

13,919 (97.5)

Write-in, 360 (2.5)

San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors 5th District

Bob Elliott, 14,343 (53)

Rhodesia R. Ransom, 12,638 (46.7)

Write-in, 79 (0.3)

State Senate 5th District

Cathleen Galgiani, 100,317 (49)

Bill Berryhill, 104,305 (51)

State Assembly 13th District

Susan T. Eggman, 54,776 (63.5)

K. “Jeffrey” Jafri, 31,433 (36.5)

9th Congressional District

Jerry McNerney, 85,352 (54.1)

Ricky Gill, 72,340 (45.9)

10th Congressional District

Jeff Denham, 80,885 (53.8)

Jose Hernandez, 69,336 (46.2)

Mountain House Community Services District Board of Directors

(top three candidates are winners)

Andy K. Su, 1,268 (28.3)

Jim Lamb, 897 (20)

Bernice King Tingle, 883 (19.7)

Rajesh Dighe, 763 (17)

Tariq Kahn, 628 (14)

Write-in, 36 (0.8)

Jass Singh recall vote

Yes, 1,136 (59.3)

No, 780 (40.7)

Mountain House Community Services District Board of Directors

(winner fills seat vacated by recall vote)

Steven Gutierrez, 727 (46.6)

Corey Strock, 426 (27.3)

Joshua L. Anderson, 393 (25.1)

San Joaquin Delta Community College District Board of Trustees Area 1

Jo Anne L. Mounce, 9,767 (41.7)

Bob Johnson, 7,093 (30.3)

Doug Kuehne, 6,490 (27.7)

Write-in, 101 (0.3)

San Joaquin Delta Community College District Board of Trustees Area 2

Catherine J. Stebbins, 51,166 (42.7)

Pablo V. Zapata, 36,101 (30.1)

LeJames K. Melton, 31,923 (26.7)

Write-in, 580 (0.5)

San Joaquin Delta Community College District Board of Trustees Area 5

Stephan Castellanos, 64,023 (53.8)

David E. Tanner, 54,470 (45.7)

Write-in, 606 (0.5)

San Joaquin Delta Community College District Board of Trustees Area 6

Teresa R. Brown, 73,194 (62)

Jass Sangha, 44,190 (37)

Write-in, 793 (0.7)

Proposition 30 (Temporary Taxes to Fund Education)

Yes, 4,969,398 (53.9)

No, 4,253,304 (46.1)

Proposition 31 (State Budget, State and Local Govt.)

Yes, 3,377,618 (39.2)

No, 5,231,256 (60.8)

Proposition 32 (Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction)

Yes, 3,985,255 (43.9)

No, 5,095,889 (56.1)

Proposition 33 (Auto Insurance Prices Based on Driver History)

Yes, 4,057,708 (45.4)

No, 4,881,549 (54.6)

Proposition 34 (Death Penalty)

Yes, 4,277,415 (47.2)

No, 4,789,771 (52.8)

Proposition 35 (Human Trafficking)

Yes, 7,327,213 (81.1)

No, 1,702,291 (18.9)

Proposition 36 (Three Strikes Law)

Yes, 6,195,280 (68.6)

No, 2,833,817 (31.4)

Proposition 37 (Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling)

Yes, 4,287,168 (46.9)

No, 4,847,020 (53.1)

Proposition 38 (Tax for Education, Early Childhood Programs)

Yes, 2,494,114 (27.7)

No, 6,511,489 (72.3)

Proposition 39 (Business Tax for Energy Funding)

Yes, 5,306,851 (60.0)

No, 3,532,092 (40.0)

Proposition 40 (Redistricting State Senate)

Yes, 6,083,176 (71.4)

No, 2,432,289 (28.6)

• SOURCE: San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters website and California Secretary of State website

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November 09, 2012
This article contains errors regarding two of the four races for San Joaquin Delta College trustee. In area 1, the candidates listed are actually candidates for Lodi City Council. The candidates listed for Area 2, are actually the candidates for the Area 1 trustee position. The Tracy Press article does not have the two candidates for the Area 2 Delta trustee position listed anywhere. In fact, the Tracy Press completely ignored the Delta College trustee candidates in this election.

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