Your Voice: Elliott’s union hypocrisy
by Paul Brennan, President, San Joaquin County Probation Officers Association
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Bob Elliott has been dishonest by criticizing Rhodesia Ransom for her labor organization endorsements, when he himself went after the same endorsements in the race for the county’s 5th Supervisor District.

Mr. Elliott applied and was interviewed for the endorsements and assistance from at least six unions, including: the San Joaquin County Central Labor Council; SEIU, Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Sheriff Deputy Sergeant Association, Correctional Officers Association and Probation Officers Association.

He even attended the mandatory eight-hour labor education course that is required of all candidates as part of the endorsement process for the Central Labor Council.

The law enforcement groups who endorsed Mrs. Ransom saw that she has a stronger track record of community services, is committed to public safety and that she was more forthcoming in her interview. That’s why we endorsed her.

It is unfortunate that Mr. Elliott is now trying to demonize the very organizations that he sought support from in an effort to win an election.
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November 03, 2012
When the author puts the two words: union / hypocracy, side by side does it mean the unions always pick a democrat? If you ever worked for a labor union they tell you why you should vote for a Democrat. Trouble is, they tell you one thing, but I have yet to see the unions become better. Unions thrive on the herd mentality and keep employees in the dark in matters of improvement, or lack thereof.
November 02, 2012
Of course, Mr. Elliott interviewed for the union endorsements that Mr. Brennan mentioned, but like dcose stated he is a conservative, so that rules him out.

What amazes me is the law enforcement unions who are usually comprised of Vets, not endorsing one of their own. Bob served his country for 30 years and retired as a Colonel of the US Army Special Forces (the Green Berets.) I can't imagine anyone being more supportive of public safety than someone that kept America safe.

Your statement, Mr. Brennan, that implies Bob was not forthcoming in his interview doesn't sound like the Bob I know. He may not come across as a politician, but that's because he is honest.
November 02, 2012
"Ransom had 25 contributions of $100 or more. Her biggest contributor was Service Employees International Union Local 1021, which represents a large group of county employees. SEIU gave $10,000 during the period, bringing its total for the year to $49,122."

A conservative asking for a labor endorsement... expected. Receiving that endorsement? A momentous and newsworthy shift.

Mr. Brennan, could you list the names of any conservative candidates the above unions have endorsed over the last 10 years? 20? 30?

Will the unions be expecting anything in return for the almost $50,000. If not, it was a very nice gesture.
November 02, 2012
An since thair's an element preachin dishonesty on th part of someone else, IT SEEMS, given th additional information provided by dcose an Macpup MIGHT indicate an element of dishonesty on th part of Paul Brennan via th omission of some here-to-fore unknown information. So, who's really bein dishonest here?

Note: Fabrication of an accusation of dishonesty or even suggestin dishonesty on th part of someone by statin facts an intentionally omittin other facts in order ta substantiate an act of dishonesty or even suggest one is called fabricating a lie.

Yep, it's done all th time. Present some elements of truth an omittin other elements ta achieve th desired results is called lyin even though nothin but th truth was really said.

Politicians an those who dabble in politics fer a livin are masters of this art of public deception.

Whair did it all start?

Did Satan tell th truth when he told Eve that if she ate th forbidden fruit she wouldn't die? Did she die immediately? No but since that ushered sin an death inta th world it's clear that he lied ta her through omittin th truth that she would die in th end.

Thank th term taday is called Lies of omission.

November 03, 2012
Mr. Cose, Sorry I have to ask,

Will Mr. Elliot's developer friends who are large donors be expecting anything? If not what a nice gesture.

Mr. Elliots largest donors since Jan. 1 include Russell Kagehiro ($8,610) (Residential Developer and president of Byron Bethany Irrigation District), attorney Steve Nicolaou ($3,500) , Grupe Commercial Co. ($2,500) (Developers), waste management company Republic Services Inc. ($2,500), builder and developer Don Cose ($2,365), developer Matthew Arnaiz ($2,150) and farmer Roger Elissagaray ($1,650) (Developer)


November 04, 2012

a good question.

I cannot speak for any of the contributors. You would be better served to ask them individually. I also don't know if attorney Nicolaou or Republic Services are developers or are just tarred with your brush.

We gave Mr. Elliot's campaign $2,365. What is expected? Nothing. We believe Mr. Elliot is the better candidate. We see Mr. Elliot as having more experience and more community than Ms. Ransome along with less of a tie to unions. We also believe that Mr. Elliot will be more inclined to look out for a larger majority of the County's residents with a critical eye on expenditures vs taxes.

Summing up: You pays your money (supporting whichever candidate may come closest to how you view things) and you takes your chances.

Worst candidate(s) we supported that I can think of was Patrick Johnston and by extension, Rusty Arais... about 30 years ago. Both contributed heavily to the ongoing State financial mismanagement.
November 04, 2012
I do not know why a few people go on and on, endlessly and mindlessly complaining about developers this and developers that. Only thing I can think is the local paper had a motive to go after the city with a lawsuit and lost. After that everything you read for the past twenty years has been propaganda about evil developers and "nothing but roooftops".

Ironically they also serve Mountain House? And said nothing about the "nothing but rooftops"?

It is clear why, but unfortunately, this type of journalistic propaganda influences some of the people who do not stop to think if the media has a bone to pick, or journalistic integrity.

Unfortunately, these days, it pays to have a good healthy scepticism, regarding everything.

November 16, 2012
Ornley and ChiliPeppers do go on endlessly ...

at least those developers for Elliott were not Serpa (Surland) and Souza. Chance for better buildig projects.

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