Money pours into supervisor campaign
by Jon Mendelson
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Both candidates for the 5th District seat on the county board of supervisors have topped six digits in campaign contributions.

According to campaign finance documents certified Oct. 5 by the county registrar of voters, as of Sept. 30, Tracy Planning Commissioner Rhodesia Ransom had raised $121,842.40 this year. Her opponent, Tracy City Councilman Bob Elliott, had tallied $113,073.71.

Elliott far outpaced Ransom in the most recent reporting period, between July 1 and Sept. 30, when he raised $32,492 in cash and $4,642.69 in nonmonetary contributions. Ransom received $29,754 in cash during the same period.

Elliott also outraised Ransom in terms of cash contributions during the course of the campaign. His contributors gave $105,881.02 in cash, while Ransom’s gave $75,755.62.

But Ransom out-earned Elliott when it comes to nonmonetary donations, piling up $46,086.78 in donated materials and labor this year. Elliott received only $7,192.69.

That advantage in nonmonetary contributions was largely from union sources, including $32,307.93 in polling, consulting and mailers from the Service Employees International Union Local 1021, which claims to represent more than 54,000 workers in Northern California.

According to a Press review of financial records, $58,509.68 of Ransom’s overall campaign contributions came from labor unions, with the SEIU chipping in a total of $49,121.68.

This calendar year, Ransom also received $2,250 from the Central Valley Stonewall Democratic Club, $2,000 from the Harry S. Truman Club of Stockton, $3,000 from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and $5,000 from the San Joaquin County Correctional Officers Association Political Action Committee.

Elliott found significant financial support from landowners, developers and small businesses.

His largest donors since Jan. 1 include farmer Russell Kagehiro ($8,610), attorney Steve Nicolaou ($3,500), Grupe Commercial Co. ($2,500), waste management company Republic Services Inc. ($2,500), builder and developer Don Cose ($2,365), developer Matthew Arnaiz ($2,150) and farmer Roger Elissagaray ($1,650).

Heading into the last month before Election Day, Elliott reported $27,550.45 cash on hand, while Ransom reported $19,372.55 to spend on the final campaign push.
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