Free fixes for feral cats
by TP staff
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A feral cat sits in a cage earlier this year. A free clinic will sterilize feral cats later this month.  Press file photo
A feral cat sits in a cage earlier this year. A free clinic will sterilize feral cats later this month. Press file photo
A free spay and neuter clinic for feral cats is planned to help curb the growing problem of abandoned and unwanted cats in Tracy and Mountain House.

Jules Veterinary Center will host one of its two annual free clinics Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the 1855 W. 11th St. office.

Manager Dana Helget said the feral cat clinic is always full. In recent years, more than 100 cats were sterilized at each event.

Helget said the feral cat problem is growing in Tracy, and the recent slump in the economy hasn’t helped matters.

“People are losing their homes and as they leave they abandon their pets,” she said. “If they haven’t been spayed or neutered the problem start.”

Mountain House residents have also noted a rise in the feral cat population. A group calling itself Mountain House Feral Cat Rescue was recently founded to trap, sterilize and release the hundreds of wild cats roaming the town.

Helget said residents of Tracy and Mountain House can trap feral cats and bring them to the clinic.

The cats must be brought to the clinic in a hard carrier or trap — no cardboard or soft carriers will be allowed.

Once at the clinic, the cats will be either spayed or neutered and receive rabies and a vaccination for a respiratory ailment.

The cats will also have one of their ears notched to mark them as having been spayed or neutered.

Residents can return later in the day to pick up the cats and release them.

This month’s event only has space for only 100 cats, and residents are asked to call the veterinary center at 833-7387 to reserve a space.

The clinic is not open to house cats and pets.

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October 16, 2012
I have no patience and am not sly by any stretch of the imagination. So... I remove ME from the equation.

I picked up a "humane" cat trap, by Havahart, and put a can of tuna in it. Next day I had a cat. I keep trapping them and turning them in. Can't stand cats trying to turn my flower beds into their outdoor litter box.

October 15, 2012
I have 4 stray cats that hang out near my house. I would bring them in but it'll be impossible to catch them!
October 15, 2012
Oh you can catch em. But you gotta be patient and really sly.

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