One injured in Saturday shooting
by TP staff
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Shooting in south Tracy
A Tracy police crime scene technician photographs the car the shooting victim was found in on Tracy Boulevard north of Schulte Road on Saturday, Oct.13.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Tracy police are investigating a late-night shooting in southern Tracy, which police said happened during a fight at a party that left one minor with a non-life threatening gunshot wound Saturday, Oct. 13.

Tracy Police Department Lt. Wade Harper said police received a 911 call for a fight at Mars Court and Gandy Dancer Drive at 11:03 p.m.

According to Harper, a sergeant responding to the call saw a four-door white sedan fleeing the area heading north on Tracy Boulevard and tried to stop the vehicle.

Harper said the sedan failed to yield to the officer, and a short pursuit along Tracy Boulevard began.

The car continued north on Tracy Boulevard and crossed Schulte Road, Harper said, and the driver pulled over to the side of the road about 50 yards north of the intersection.

When officers approached the car, Harper said they found it occupied with several people, including a male minor with an apparent gunshot wound.

Harper did not provide details regarding the wound, except that it was not life-threatening. The victim, whose name Harper did not disclose, was taken to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, where Harper expected him to be treated and released.

The other occupants of the car were uninjured, Harper said. Except for the driver, Harper said the occupants were all minors.

The driver of the car Daniel Garcia, 19, was arrested at the scene for alleged failure to yield. Harper said additional charges could be added later.

Police cruisers blocked off a lane of Tracy Boulevard as officers and a crime scene technician examined and photographed the car.

Tracy police and California Highway Patrol cruisers also closed the entrance to Gandy Dancer Drive, the area where police believe the shooting occurred.

Gandy Dancer Drive leads to a row of businesses in an industrial-style complex off Mars Court.

Businesses in the complex include dance studios, a fitness camp and Heartland Church.

Police officers tried to find witnesses to the shooting and fight that they believe happened during a party at one of the businesses.

Harper could not say what type of party was going on, but described the party’s crowd as a mix of young people ranging from older teenagers to people in their early 20s.

Harper did not have a description of the alleged shooter, but said police believe there is only one person responsible.

Most of the crowd was leaving the scene as officers arrived, and Harper said officers were having trouble getting information from the crowd about the fight and the shooting.

He added that there was a large number of minors at the scene, and stressed parents should know where their children are to keep them safe.

Groups of young people could be seen walking north on Tracy Boulevard after they were released from questioning by the police.

Crime scene technicians examined the car on Tracy Boulevard and the scene of the fight.

No one else was injured in the fight off Mars Court.

Harper said the shooting investigation is ongoing.

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October 26, 2012
Stockton Record reports that the shooter was a 16 year old from Lathrop. Has been booked on one count of felony assoult with a firearm.

A gun at 16? What the heck are our kids dealing with in school these days?
October 22, 2012
Just how much opium did your mother ingest while she was pregnant with you back in the 1800’s?
October 21, 2012
I think the previous police chief was into something about monitoring the activity on the social networks. Too bad tommybahama didn't want anyone to hear what she had to say. I don't know if it could have worked, but I would like to know.

For those who do not recall tommybahama made up lies about her dismantling the gang task force.

Tracy Press, can we get an update. People are texting money to the President's campaign and downloading information about the whereabouts of rave parties on these things called smart phones that they are buying at the malls.

Sounds like the police are getting smarter too.

Is that something that will take away our rights? Maybe the Tracy Press is opposed to it, since they wrote several articles about people using emails and felt it should other's emails be open to the public? Transparent? Which is the lessor of two evils?
October 20, 2012
As a male who lived in Tracy during 2005/2006 during my mid/late teens, and went to West High I understand that most adults cannot understand the harsh realities of life in this city for a young person. The quaintness left the city the moment developments came. As a young person, I got to see this development via my own generation, not through my parents eyes. The adults today struggle to see that Tracy's problems come from their own generation, the ones who left their families behind for independent bigger homes, leaving their children in the suburbs with nothing to do but hang out(this is norcal, where everyone is a little bit of a g ), surrounded by some of the worst cities in America. Turf wars ended in the 90's, my generation was strictly about drugs for profit. Everything else is just fallout from that, too few opportunities exist there for young people(LIKE JOB TRAINING), and gun control in the state too lax. A hz of weed at west high 160, a gun is 150. And high schools with thousands of students are dangerous, no matter what. Tracy has little hope without laws not criminalizing contemporary society. Only this or stricter gun laws will end the violence. Glad I left!
October 21, 2012

Well at least when ya write ya address th topic of discussion instead of attackin others personally like th infantile antics of a true blue Internet Bully that wants so very desperately ta squelch all other views except his own, views of which he can't defend with any factual information.

So he attacks you an then attacks me. Such are th workins of a mind woefully devoid of any social thankin skills.

If yer happier where ya are I am glad ya left but wish ya had stayed around ta help fix some of these problems.

Respectfully disagree with yer conclusion that stricter gun laws will end violence. Historically violence preexisted long before guns were invented. Th problem ain't th tool it's th person holdin th tool.
October 21, 2012

I really am amazed that so many unhappy people are leaving comments. Though I must agree Ornley_Gumfudgen needs to re attend secondary school. And I would have left a longer, more precise comment, had Tracy press not restricted the limit of free speech in one comment. Look at the reality, there is nothing to do in Tracy, but drive around looking for a party. If someone does not like you, they can purchase a weapon and shoot you, and oh yea....if you drive you friend to the hospital who is shot, then you get charged for not immediately submitting, with more charges pending, while the real bad guys are probably driving the other way. Great World. In any case, the business owners and government who all profited from this expansion all are to blame for lack of planning in transition from a small town to suberb in a state that suffers from tragically high crime rates.
October 22, 2012

"I really am amazed that so many unhappy people are leaving comments."

Thought ya were cut frum a different bolt of cloth but can now see that yer just another one of them unhappy people leavin comments with yer own litany of mindless complaints here.

Can't beat em? Join em. Honestly I don't know why ya would be amazed when yer obviously one of th people yer commentin about.

Have ta take my complementary comment about ya addressin th topic of th article instead of attackin those ya don't agree with back cus it's evident ya don't really have anythang of value ta add ta th topic in th article an are just airin yer negative remarks, personal insults an fingerpointin mixed in with a little bravado regardin yer own criminal activities.

Glad yer gone cus we got enough of that type still livin in Tracy.

When ya grow up inta some solid adult thankin then come back an participate. Until then yer just another one of them complainin people that yer complainin about.

Funny, not so good memory in Tracy insults ya an ya pick up his tactics an personally insult someone else. Did they teach that cognative thankin skill ta ya in High School?

So, a bunch of people get tagether at a party, someone gets shot, th police go ta investigate an no one wants ta talk ta em ta deal with the problem?

Enlighten me, oh sage one, how is that a problem with th police, th business owners an th local government when they are th one's actively involved in determinin what happened so this deviant of society that feels it's correct ta shoot someone over somethang stupid while th rest of them good citizens in attendance at th party are non-cooperative in th effort?

Also before ya start throwing stones in your glass house of proper English grammar and spelling, could you please tell us what you meant when you wrote, "A hz of weed at west high 160, a gun is 150?"

hz - not a clue

west high - A proper noun and the first letter of each word should be capitalized.

160 what?

150 what?

Actually you define your own problem precisely with your comment, "My generation was strictly about drugs for profit."

I can only suppose that to lend any real credibility to that comment we can all assume that you were one of those making a profit selling illegal drugs or, at the very least, knew someone who was?

When you come out of your apparent delusions of self grandeur you just might want to provide a little more information so that others reading it can comprehend what it is you are attempting to say.

Did they teach you these thinking and writing skills in the secondary school you you attended or were you paying attention in your Tracy High School English classes when you attended there? My guess is probably not as you sat there in your self induced haze of drugs.

Like I said earlier, if you have something to contribute to the topic of the article then express it. But when you complain about the complaints of people attempting to solve a problem, it isn't going to add anything of significance to the topic of conversation.

Also, when you are complaining about people not wanting to do anything about crime such as, our police, businessmen and local government, it isn't too intelligent to go about admitting that you are or have been a part of past criminal activity that everyone else here is really complaining about.

Since, by your own comment, you were in your late teens back in 2006, we can only assume that you are in your early to mid twenties today.

The question then becomes, are you one of the adults you describe that can't understand what the harsh realities of life are today concerning teens, or still one of the more enlightened teenagers that apparently hold all the solutions to these problems today?

Honestly I don't understand why we don't hire teenagers like you today to solve these problems for us while they still know everything.

Finally, with regards to your comment, "I would have left a longer, more precise comment, had Tracy press not restricted the limit of free speech in one comment."

I don't have any special privileges here I and many others don't seem seem to have any problems making longer more precise comments here in the comment sections; something many people who frequent these Internet pages frequently complain about when they read things they don't agree with.

I am quite surprised that someone with your naturally superior intellect has not figured it out by now.

See how it works Brainiac? Now I suppose that I am the bully for pointing it out to you while the rest of the world looks on in agreement.

Ya don't like it when it's pointed at ya now do ya? So why do ya thank ya got a license ta do it ta someone else?

Now as ya ruminate on yer witty response, remember ya were th first th cast th first stone.
October 22, 2012
Ornely has explained on other posts why he writes in that manner. Whether you like it or not it is done on purpose (he is not stupid as opposed to some people who have written on here who just sound stupid or actually have poor grammar. ) Either way, it's free speech.

My kids have grown up here all their lives and they have had plenty to do. I have kept them busy. They were not given the choice to be idle. If the kid didn't like baseball, try basketball or football or soccer or karate or cycling or swimming. If they didn't like that try music or art. You can hike on trails in the Tracy Hills. You can take flying lessons at the Tracy Airport. The delta is a wonderful place to fish and boat and camp AND it is in our backyard. Hmmm. Nothing to do? Really? You did not look hard enough.
October 22, 2012

Wow, someone who actually gets it.

Ya have just blown me away an I don't thank I could come up with a better comment with respect fer kids an people havin somethang ta do.

Yep, if they didn't have enough interestin thangs ta do they just weren't lookin hard enough.

Seems ta be th problem with many taday that grew up in th age of cell phones an personal computers. They expect everythang in life ta be like a fast food experience with no waitin an havin everythang just handed to em with very little effort on thair part.

But good comment. My hat's off ta ya.
October 15, 2012
These types of stories have seemed to become the usual routine, the other routine that has become equally disturbing is the following…

“Most of the crowd was leaving the scene as officers arrived, and Harper said officers were having trouble getting information from the crowd about the fight and the shooting”.

While I understand the reasons for the code of silence, the not wanting to be labeled a snitch because of the fear of retaliation, it is also the reason why law enforcement has such a difficult job of not just making an arrest, but to get someone to testify in court to get a conviction. During the mini-pursuit, no doubt each person in the car was making sure they were on the same page with their stories when the time came for officers to separate and question each.

October 14, 2012
Indeed.. Walkingtall has hit it right on. We live in a society where lazy parents let the TV and video games raise their children. PATHETIC. If parent fail to provide for the proper upbringing of their children, then the gangs will step in and give them the things they crave in order to feel good about themselves. SHAME ON YOU.. absolute SHAME ON YOU if your child has been caught up in the gang world. YOU HAVE FAILED as a parent. I don't want you, and I don't want your offspring in my world. The only good thing that can happen, is if fate/darwanizm intervenes on our (the uneffected majority)behalf and removes this gang cancer from out midst. The Police can only respond to what has already happened. Parents can keep their "at risk" kids home and provide them a proper nurturing environment. PARENTS ARE TO BLAME FOR GANG KIds.. 100%
October 14, 2012
I agree that the parents are a major part of the problem. Unfortunately that is actually true because those parents don't see much wrong with the gang mentality. They encourage it as well as give a don't care attitude.

Holding the parents responsible for the actions of their kids would be a good start. I know it is supposed to already be in place, but it doesn't have any bite. If parents had to do jail time for the actions of their kids then they might care a little bit more and the kids might think twice about breaking the law and putting them and their parents into jail for their actions. I certainly wouldn't want to meet my dad after he was forced to spend a few nights in jail for what I had done as a kid. I wouldn't be sitting for a month when he got done with me.

October 14, 2012
Sad to see this kind of thing happening. What kind of parents do these kids have? My guess would be that there parents are from the lower grounds of society, and their kids learned this kind of behavior from there parents who should be the ones locked up! If the parent were good parents, they would have known where there kids were, but then again they probably don't care where they are as long as they don't have to watch them. Let's hope they catch the shooter! I guess some of these parent would rather have the "STREETS" raise their kids if the kids live long enough!
October 15, 2012
This was a sweet sixteen party with a heavy security team. It's unfortunate that teenagers can't enjoy themselves they way we use to back in the day without outside elimates ruining there celebration. You can't say its the parents because you don't know that for a fact. Most of these kids have hard working parents that raise them with morals however they choose to go off on the wrong path. A few may have parents who don't care but I don't know that for a fact. All you can do is pray for there guidance and safety and not become a contributing factor to speculation.

October 16, 2012

First question... WHY would a sweet sixteen need to have a heavy security team if trouble wasn't expected?

Second question... Do you really think that a parent can only pray for safety and guidance of their children?

Final question... If these parents can only pray for safety and guidance of their child then what kind of parent are they that they cannot - or will not - influence, guide, steer, and help their child develop into a caring decent person with a healthy amount of self respect and a general sense of respect towards others?
October 16, 2012
I have only one question. What company provided security?
October 17, 2012
I had that same question Birdman, why security. My kids turned 16 and things went well. I would have never thought I needed security! What is this MTV My Super Sweet 16? C'mon we live in Tracy CA for Pete's sake.

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