Suspected arson destroys two AT&T work trucks
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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Authorities are calling the burning of two AT&T work trucks on Friday, Oct. 5, the work of an arsonist.

The two trucks were destroyed around 4:23 a.m. inside the rear parking lot of an AT&T satellite office at 707 E. 11th St., adjacent to the former Heinz tomato processing plant on the eastern edge of Tracy.

Tracy Fire Department Division Chief Andy Kellogg said the firefighters from Station 91 extinguished both trucks and noticed a third truck with a broken window and a hole cut into the fence surrounding the parking lot where the trucks were parked.

The storage yard is behind the office building and fully enclosed by a chain-link fence with razor wire.

Kellogg said the case has been referred to Dan Peeler, who investigates fires for the fire department.

Peeler said Tuesday he had not been able to look into the matter yet.

According to Tracy Police Department Capt. Jeremy Watney, the incident is being categorized as arson, and police will assist the fire department’s initial investigation.

Watney added there was no idea as to why the trucks were allegedly targeted, and said there wasn’t any immediate clue as to what started the blaze.

“No evidence of what started the fire,” Watney said. “The arson investigator will determine the cause, and we’ll help them to determine who set the fire. Seems strange (the fire was) directed at AT&T trucks.”

According to a source within the police department, who declined to be named because the officer was not authorized to speak about the incident, the fire was started inside one of the trucks by thieves that broke into at least one of the vehicles.

No AT&T officials were present at the 11th Street office Monday, Oct. 8, and officials at the company’s corporate office in Texas were unavailable for comment.

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