Your Voice: Parks gone to seed
by Clark Smith, Tracy
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I am a Boy Scout here in Tracy. I am writing to tell you about a problem in our community that we should fix.

The problem is that we need to better care for the grass at many of the parks throughout the city. Many of the parks have mostly dead or totally dead grass. I think we should put in new grass or fertilize the grass.

I play on a city soccer team, and the grass at the park we practice at is mostly dead. It is way better to practice and play on fields that have grass.

There are many other instances were this happens to citizens. I am sure many others would appreciate if the city would make an effort to fix this problem.

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September 28, 2012
Good letter.

Son, it's a great idea. Now all ya gotta do is get th Citizens ta support an increase in thair property tax ta have th money in order ta do th maintenance. Good luck as it seems that half are willin ta pay more while th other half don't wanna pay anythang an still enjoy thair parks. I say this because it's been tried before. Some places it passed an those parks look substantially better. Other places it didn't pass an it's those parks that are now sufferin taday.

Now don't get yerself mixed up with th other nine community parks cus thair funded through th General Fund an consequently have financial setbacks as people vote what they wanna spend fer these parks ta be maintained.

Check with some of yer Eagle Scout brethren an they can hopefully give ya some guidance.
October 07, 2012
Back in the day when we had sand lots to play in, if something needed to be done, the parents came to the rescue without wanting someone else to pay for it. Parents need to get involved to the extent they can. The ant theory works grain of sand at a time.

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