Your Voice: A presidential hoax
by David Kerst, Tracy
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President Barack Obama has made a reprehensible mockery of his campaign pledge that “transparency will be the touchstone of this presidency.”

Under Obama, federal prosecutors have filed criminal charges in five separate whistleblower cases within a two-year period — more than was done in the preceding 40 years.

Obama’s White House staff has met lobbyists across the street from the White House, so that the meetings wouldn’t have to be disclosed. His staff censored 194 pages of internal emails about its Open Government Initiative. Obama received a “phony” transparency award in a meeting closed to the media.

He promised to conduct the health care negotiations on CSPAN — they were done in secret, with people being told they’d have to vote on the bill to find out what’s in the bill. And then there are the documents that have been kept secret from Congress in the “Fast and Furious” gun-trafficking scandal.

As one great American said the other day, “Barack Obama is the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people.” And sadly, the national media have served as his lapdogs and water carriers, putting ideology above their commitment to balanced reporting for the past four years.
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