Youth Football: Junior Bulldogs get another shutout
by TP staff
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Teams completed another week of youth football on Saturday, Sept. 1, with the Junior Bulldogs and Panther Youth Football at home and the Cougars, Buccaneers and Hurricanes on the road.

Junior Bulldogs

The Tracy Junior Bulldogs hosted the South Stockton Vikings at Kimball High on Saturday, Sept. 1.

No score is kept for the junior novice level, but the Bulldogs record five touchdowns, including two for D.J. Jones, two for Noah Denau and one for Kevin Chavolla.

The Bulldog novice team (1-2) lost to the Vikings 20-7. Bradley Maddox led the offense with 76 yards rushing and Tonino Ambriz ran for 35 yards.

The junior varsity Bulldogs (3-0) scored their third straight shutout, 49-0. Josh Alvarado and Jacob Peebles each scored two touchdowns and Jaylen Smith and Yaqin Said each scored a touchdown. Drew Tavares scored on an interception.

The Vikings won the varsity game 20-6 to put the Bulldogs at 0-3.

Panther Youth Football

The Panthers hosted the Patterson Ravens on Saturday, Sept. 1, at West High.

There was no score in the junior novice game. Kahlil Walls and Damien Boozer both reached the end zone. Daniel Behrmann had a quarterback sack, an interception and a fumble recovery.

The Panther novice team (2-1) won 14-0 with touchdowns from Javier Gonzalez and Adrian Villareals.

The junior varsity (1-2) lost 42-19. Scoring for the Panthers was Michael Chesser, James MacDonald and Isaac Paz.

The Panther varsity (0-3) lost 32-19. Leading the way on offense was Aaron Cook with two scores.


The Tracy Cougars traveled to Bear Creek High in Stockton to face the North Stockton Bengals.

The Bengals won the novice game 37-12 to put the Cougars at 1-1. Devon Roberts and Jorden Harvey scored the Cougars’ touchdowns.

The Bengals won the junior varsity game 40-13 to put the Cougars at 0-2. Marcelus Rice scored the Cougars’ touchdowns and Mateo DeCoite and Thomas Walter led the defense.

The varsity Cougars (1-1) edged out the Bengals 7-6. Brody Sarsfield scored the Cougars’ touchdown and Joe Parker ran in the extra point. Marquez Vaughn made with 14 tackles on defense.


The Mountain House Hurricanes traveled to Linden High to play the Linden Lions on Saturday, Sept. 1.

The Hurricanes reached the end zone three times during the junior novice game, where no score is kept. Noa Kahoonei hit Justice Chase a touchdown pass. Morgan Andrade and Justice Chase each had touchdown runs.

The Hurricane novice team (1-2) lost 34-26. Quarterback Timothy Cantu II had two touchdowns, a touchdown pass and a punt return for a touchdown.

The junior varsity (0-3) lost 36-0. Wake Widner led on offense with nearly 100 yards rushing.


The Tracy Buccaneers won by forfeit over the Reapers in Patterson on Saturday, Sept. 1. It puts the starts, or junior novice, at 4-0 for the season, the rookies and varsity at 3-1 and the junior varsity at 2-2.

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September 07, 2012
It seems as if the more youth teams we have in the area the less coverage the teams actually get now. No pics the last couple of weeks and not a lot of stats. The kids really look forward to seeing their names in the paper. I appreciate the hard work of people who work on the paper it would just be nice to see more youth coverage even though we take a back seat to the local high school teams.
September 13, 2012
I agree with Slickboy, we need more coverage and they need to update the stats every week they are a whole week behind this is crazy...

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