Your Voice: Skateboarding scofflaws
by Terry Brown, Tracy
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It bothers me to see people, who should know it, break the city of Tracy ordinances all the time. It appears we have laws that are posted, and I guess aren’t strictly enforced.

I am referring to riding skateboards and bicycles by people, young and old, on the downtown sidewalks.

I guess we shouldn’t have signs stating not to ride bicycles or skateboards on downtown sidewalks posted, as it appears people aren’t following those signs.

What do other people in Tracy think about this point?

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August 04, 2012
The fact that folks are not following the signs is an issue but the bigger issue is that we have signs banning skateboarding downtown. Would we really rather have the skateboarders in the street? That makes sense for bicyclists but not for skateboarders. I will grant that pedestrian collisions can be a hazard if the skateboarder is irresponsible but who not focus on those who are, rather than banning a whole group? Quite frankly there are plenty of irresponsible walkers staring at their cellphones everywhere they walk, yet somehow nothing is done about them.

We keep saying we want to bring back downtown. Who spends every bit of money they get their hands on? I will give you a hint, it aint the adults. Its the skateboard riding teens. That is why advertising on TV is predominantly aimed at youth. If you really want to bring more money to downtown dont make it unnatractive to the folks who are quickest to spend their money if they are let in.
August 03, 2012
Well if ya listen ta a whole lot of people, ya probably shouldn't have crosswalks, NO U-TURN signs an no speed limits either.

I do agree with ya however.

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