Lend a Hand: Dog park supporters in home stretch
by TP staff
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With less than two weeks before voting closes, leaders of the effort to win money for a Mountain House dog park through an online contest hope to rally the community’s support.

Until Aug. 1, each person who registers with contest sponsor PetSafe can vote once on its website and once on Facebook each day.

On Fridays, July 20 and 27, supporters can make their votes count sevenfold by completing a 7-Vote Sniff Out quiz on the website.

As of Thursday, July 19, Mountain House was in fifth place among the 15 finalists competing for a $100,000 grand prize, with 33,089 votes. The leader, Texarkana, Ark., had 107,586.

As Bark for Your Heart leader, however, the town was well positioned to contend for a secondary prize of $25,000 that will go to the finalist with the most votes per capita.

An agreement signed in November by Mountain House Dog Club President Rachel Mullen and MH Community Services District President Andy Su shows an interim dog park at the northeast corner of Bethany Road and East Street.

During the final week of the contest, rankings will secret. Winners will be announced Aug. 3.

For information: www.petsafe.net

• Lend a Hand runs in Our Town whenever someone is looking for volunteers or donations. Send your plea to tpourtown@tracypress.com, or drop a note at the Tracy Press, 145 W. 10th St.
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