Car chase puts school on lockdown
by TP staff
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A car chase through Tracy prompted school officials to lock down a campus at around noon today before the alleged suspect was arrested by police.

At about 11:30 a.m., police were alerted to a California Highway Patrol chase on the southern outskirts of the city. The wheelman drove into Tracy and nearby several schools, according to reports, as local law enforcement joined the pursuit.

According to Jessica Cardoza, district spokeswoman, police alerted the district at about 11:45 a.m. the driver was headed toward Kelly Elementary School in the southwest part of town. Students were directed to stay inside classrooms and the cafeteria, Cardoza said, and no one was allowed to leave or enter the campus.

“It just interrupted lunch,” she said.

The suspect, a man, was stopped when a spike strip punctured at least one of his car’s tires on Colby Court, around the corner from Kelly School.

No injuries were reported, and Kelly School was taken off lockdown at 12:13 p.m., Cardoza said.

For updates, see the Friday, March 30, print edition of the Tracy Press.

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March 27, 2012
BTW, it did not end ended in my court with guns drawn on a house he was hiding in!
March 27, 2012
Congrats to the PD for catching him but I saw the whole thing happen on MacArthur Rd. by the cemetary! It never should of made it to Corral Hollow. There were 12 cops chasing this guy led by a white Highway patrol. The car darted off into a field off MacArther while seven cop cars followed him into the field where a house and barn sit tucked back in there. The rest of the cops blocked off the streets except for one problem. They did not block off MacArther to the north. The car went it and hid around the back of the house While the white cop car (Boss Hogg) led the way followed by Sheriff Rosco Coltrane, Enos and the other four. The guy waited for them to all come in and then he darted out the same way he came in. You would think they would have blocked the driveway off but no! They were all nose to tail and when they tried to take off after him back down the driveway they chased him down the couldn't. Thats because they ended up blocking eachother all in. I must admit this was classic! For a moment I thought I was watching the Dukes Of Hazzard except the car they were chasing was not orange. But in the end they got the job Done!
March 27, 2012
Thank you Tracy PD for quickly getting the intersection of 11th and Corral Hollow blocked for all of us!Great Job!

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