SECOND THOUGHTS: When history’s first draft gets it wrong
by Jon Mendelson/Tracy Press
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There’s a popular saying in newsrooms that journalism is history’s first draft.

The problem with first drafts, as any English student will tell you, is that they sometimes contain errors.

One happened in last week’s Press, when an improper descriptor was used in regard to

the food at the Tayyibaat Meat & Grill at 2231 W. Grant Line Road.

Instead of describing the fare as “carnivorous,” — meaning it’s fit for meat-eaters — it was accidentally called “canine.” For the full clarification, see Page 6 of this week's Press, where we typically publish rectifications.

It’s unfortunate, not just because of the breakdown that led to the error, but because this honest mistake — like all of them — affects someone in our community.

For clarity’s sake, there is nothing — I repeat, nothing — “canine” about the offerings at the local Tayyibaat Meat & Grill, which has other locations in the greater Bay Area.

What the grill does offer is quality organic meat, including beef, lamb and goat. (Sounds like you can take a trip to the Mediterranean without going farther than Grant Line Road.)

And our experience suggests it’s worth the short jaunt. At least one member of the Press has tried the food there, and it definitely got the thumbs-up.

If you’re into good meat, it’s worth giving Tayyibaat a try — don’t let a language slip in the paper turn you off.

Unfortunately, we sometimes make these errors despite our sincere efforts to write a perfect first draft of history. When that happens, the best we can do in journalism, as in life, is to admit the mistake and try to correct it.

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February 05, 2012
Very unfortunate for the business owner because it happens to be good food. Can you say spell checker or proof reading?

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